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Second railway factory to be built in Morocco

Alstom is promoting the growth of the rail industry in Morocco by investing 160m dirhams to build a second railway factory. The factory will produce driving cabs for regional and underground railway trains. This latest investment will create 200 direct jobs between now and 2025.

Alstom Morocco announced in 2020 that it would be expanding its Fez plant and erecting a second production line in 2021. At the 850-person Fez facility, 56% of whom are women, electrical wiring and Mitrac transformers are produced. This second plant, which will produce driving cabs, is totally consistent with the Group’s aim to strengthen the local rail industry and grow the Moroccan rail ecosystem.

Sahel, managing director of Alstom Morocco said, “Being able to construct a new industrial site fills us with immense pride. This is a perfect illustration of how we plan to create a neighborhood ecosystem. I want to express my gratitude to every one of the teams for the outstanding work they have done over the past several months to bring these initiatives to fruition.”

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Benefits of the second railway factory in Morocco

The new unit will be crucial to Morocco’s development of technical expertise in the railway industry. It could also help with the ONCF master plan. Which aims to strengthen its fleet by purchasing more than a hundred domestically made trains by 2025.

Since 2019, Alstom Maroc has invested 320 million dirhams to expand its industrial operations. Culminating in the completion of 25 international projects and the creation of 1,200 employments in the rail industry by 2025.

Furthermore, Mama Sougoufara said, “The Alstom Group has decided to expand its investments in Morocco. By opening a second factory in Fez to produce cabs for regional and subterranean railway trains. As well as underlining our commitment to developing a rail industrial base in the country once more.”

Additionally, he adds, “We will be able to establish a Moroccan rail railway factory with top-tier knowledge thanks to the transfer of special technologies from our international sites. We are a reputable local player who is optimistic about Morocco’s future.”

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