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New housing for seniors and low-income families announced in Goodyear

Goodyear is poised for a transformative housing project as developers announces plans for two distinct affordable housing communities catering to seniors and low-income families. This monumental development venture, led by Dominium, a visionary developer, in collaboration with local stakeholders, is not just about housing; it’s about fostering a sense of community and well-being. The project transcends conventional norms by embracing low-water landscaping, features crafted by local students, and a flexible space within the community clubhouse that will be a haven accessible to the neighboring elementary school.

Estrella Springs and Suncrest Vista at Canyon Trails will be a testament to synergy between the Section 42 Low-Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) program and private bonds, facilitating their construction. The LIHTC program stands as a linchpin in the affordable housing ecosystem, driving the creation and sustenance of communities that align with the program’s mandate of keeping rents within reach of the area’s median income.

Units in upcoming new housing for Seniors, Low-Income Families in Goodyear

The expansive 28-acre site at 16985 W. Van Buren St. will soon flourish into a haven comprising 657 affordable units designed for both families and seniors. The names Estrella Springs and Suncrest Vista at Canyon Trails aptly capture the essence of these upcoming residential gems, with 396 units dedicated to low-income families and 261 catering to age restricted tenants.

Dominium’s commitment is a resounding echo of its vision. With over $1 billion invested in affordable housing for Arizona’s families and seniors, the developer has propelled the state’s affordable housing landscape to new heights. Dominium’s recent accomplishment, Solstice of Mesa, introduced 237 affordable homes for seniors, a testament to its commitment.

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Dominium’s steadfast dedication transcends its own goals, as it collaborates closely with the Arizona Department of Housing, the Arizona Industrial Development Authority, and the Arizona Housing Coalition, a collaborative effort to magnify the impact of affordable housing across the state. The pivotal role of construction falls upon WD Construction, set to bring these visionary communities to life.

Additionally, the new housing for Seniors and Low-Income Families in Goodyear is set to evolve, with Estrella Springs and Suncrest Vista at Canyon Trails poised to redefine affordable living, etching a legacy of community, collaboration, and accessible comfort.

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