First office construction begins in Allen’s mixed-use project The Farm

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The Farm in Allen, Texas is witnessing a significant milestone as construction commences on the next phase of the The Farm mixed-use project, with Groundbreaking for the first office building. Within an expansive 135-acre development situated at the intersection of Sam Rayburn Tollway and Alma Drive. Positioned on the south side of Rayburn Tollway, adjacent to the HUB restaurant and entertainment venue, the office building introduces a modern approach to workspace design. Each office floor will feature balconies and outdoor ground-level workspace, creating an environment that facilitates innovation and productivity.

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Architected by Omniplan, the FarmWorks One office project seamlessly aligns with the existing retail, entertainment, and apartment structures that constitute the fabric of the Allen project. The design approach takes into consideration the evolving post-COVID landscape, incorporating features that aim to enhance efficiency and foster teamwork as employees transition back to the office. According to Bruce Heller, President of JaRyCo, the visionary behind The Farm, “FarmWorks One adds the office component to The Farm in Allen to complement the residential, restaurant, and amusement portions that will be creating a truly walkable place to live and work.”

Date for the first office opening in Allen’s mixed-use project The Farm

The three-story, 102,000-square-foot office building in Allen mixed-use project The Farm is set to open its doors next summer. This strategic step resonates with the larger trend reshaping the equilibrium between professional and personal spheres. The CEO of Allen Economic Development Corp, Dan Bowman underscored this by highlighting the contemporary corporate preference for innovative work environments that inspire employees to embrace the office setting once more.

The vision for The Farm’s extensive development includes a well-rounded community center, comprising 1.6 million square feet of office area, 142,000 square feet dedicated to retail, accommodations for a 150-room hotel, dining establishments spanning 60,000 square feet, along with 112 townhomes and 2,400 urban residential units. In addition to architectural components, the project prioritizes green spaces, highlighted by a 1.5-acre lake hosting boardwalk eateries, over 2.25 miles of scenic hiking and biking trails, a 16-acre verdant belt adjacent to Watters Creek, and various park zones.

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