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ACB ILUMINACION S.L.-introducing AIR CLEANER with sterilizing effect against bacteria, fungi and viruses.

ACB ILUMINACION S.L. one of the leading mirrors and lighting product manufacturing and distributing company based in Valencia-Spain, has yet again added into its product category another magnificent product;

an AIR CLEANER that sterilizes the air thanks to the action of UV-C tubes with properties against bacteria, fungi, and viruses including Covid-19. This technology, with results demonstrated by numerous studies, is safe and has an effectiveness of 99.9% against microorganisms.

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The low-pressure tube technology is more effective than many other products that use UV-C LED radiation, as the low-pressure tube radiation is at the wavelength with maximum germicidal effect, exactly 253.7nm.

The product leaks no light so it can work continuously in the presence of people, unlike direct radiation products that should only be used in the absence of living beings, with timer and presence sensors. This product is UV-C Free and Ozone Free.

Its operation provides for a forced ventilation system that absorbs contaminated air; once inside the disinfection chamber, the air comes into contact with maximum germicidal action UV-C radiation before being returned to the environment. The company uses top brand tubes such as Osram or Philips.

The product is CE marked and tested in European laboratories.

It can be installed in public buildings such as schools, offices, cinemas, gyms, as well as in shops, restaurants, bars, and hotel rooms as well as private homes.

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