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Conmach Machinery: manufacturer and supplier of diverse range conventional and contemporary concrete machines

Conmach Machinery is a manufacturer of concretes blocks making machines, concrete machinery pipes, concrete plants, crushers and mobile concrete plants, which are always in line with innovation, has become the preferred brand for its stable and bold research and development work. The firm is located in Tekirdağ, and it continues to produce concrete machines according to the requirements of construction companies.

The company satisfies customer requirements, and also helps to increase production through new exports. They export their products to Europe, the Middle East, Asia, Africa, the Caucasus and also to America. The firm exports Concrete Block Making Machines, Concrete Interlocking Paving Making Machines, Concrete Pipe Making Machines, Concrete Manhole Making Machines, Concrete Batching Plants (Stationary Concrete Batching Plants, Mobile Concrete Batching Plants, Compact Concrete Batching Plants), Crushers (Stationary Crushers, Mobile Crushers).

Conmach Machinery, with its professional team, has been working in this sector for many years, and also has been conducting research in the field of development for many years, collaborates with experienced engineers. Installation, assembly and supply of spare parts for exported machines are carried out with the Conmach quality assurance. Their molds for machines are made by professionals in accordance with customer orders.

According to Mehmet Oflaz, Sales & Marketing Director Africa is a rich and rapidly developing country including the construction sector. They have developed, manufactured and exported a variety of concrete blocks machines, pavers, and concrete batching plants to almost all countries in Africa. They cooperate with more than 100 construction companies.

Moreover, the company has been participating in various exhibitions in Africa. During their first participation in the exhibition on 10-13 October 2018, CONMACH Chairman Mehmet Oflaz stated that they will continue to ” Improve the quality”, which they also confirmed this time from 9 to 12 October 2019. Speaking about the fact that the event was successful, he hopes for mutually beneficial cooperation for Conmach Company and the country.  Ethiopia’s economy is one of the fastest growing. The interest of the participants in the fair and Conmach Company is excellent. And also he said he believed he would leave with good results.

Starting on October 9, 2019, the exhibition faced an intense flow of visitors. The Turkish Ambassador in Addis Ababa visited Conmach stand and wished success to the Chairman of the Board of Directors Mehmet Oflaz. In addition, Ambassador Yaprak Alp completed her visit to the fair by visiting the stands of other participants.

Commending on African agent Oflaz states that “In Ghana, which is one of the countries where the construction sector is active, the high price of construction materials has prompted investors to seek various compromises. This process, which caused a housing shortage in the country, began to bounce back thanks to the blocks consisting of a mixture of cement and laterite. Machines for concrete blocks manufactured by Conmach, one of the suppliers of construction equipment, have taken their place in the construction sector of Ghana. Linmuel Trading Ventures is a dealer for Conmach concrete block machines, paving machines, brick paving machine and hollow concrete blocks in Ghana. Hollow blocks are one of the main components used to create high-quality walls. Mr. Samuel Appiah Adjei, a dealer in Ghana, serves companies that need such equipment in this country. Works around the clock to help you purchase the necessary equipment for the construction.

Products made from a combination of sand and cement are transformed into a quality product with a machine for hollow blocks, concrete blocks at construction sites. Background information regarding the equipment you are interested in will be provided by Samuel Appiah-Adjei, our representative in Ghana. Machines for the production of concrete blocks and bricks are developed and made automatically, semi-automatically and manually. These machines help in the construction of large buildings. Linmuel Trading Ventures, a Ghanaian dealer for concrete blocks machines, hollow block machines that have attracted attention with its high pressure resistance, continues to be active throughout the country.”

The company, which adheres to its principles, has managed to win the trust of customers. Combining activities in the field of construction and the principles of social responsibility, Their Company attaches great importance to occupational safety at production facilities. They continue their activities under the slogan “Quality Matters”. Success in the international arena was achieved through hard work. Their products are the best choice for you.

“Our team works by paying attention to details.  The quality of the product is guaranteed by the talented and experienced team, as well as modern equipment. Our work is focused on customer needs. ISO 9001 quality standard, Spare parts supply, 24/7 Technical support and installation Service, Repair and service. Wide logistic network, Responsibility to the environment, Compliance with universal standard, Focus on research and development, Professional team,” he concludes.




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