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GELEC Energy installs generating set in Burkina Faso

A GELEC generating set has been installed in Ouagadougou in Burkina Faso to secure the power supply at a restaurant and family dwelling.

This 35 kVA generating set was installed to provide cover for the unreliable mains supply. With its integrated source inverter, it starts and takes over as soon as the outage occurs. When the mains power is restored the genset also stops automatically.

The 35 kVA genset
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From the PANTHER range, this 35 kVA genset is available in single-phase and three-phase versions and is fitted with automatic start-up in the event of an outage. It produces a stable electricity supply in both primary and back-up power mode. It is able to power houses, offices, farms, workshops and all kinds of electrical devices such as cranes, concert equipment, milking robot, fairground rides, and cold room combined with a lighting tower, can provide light for night construction work.

This genset is equipped with four poles thermal magnetic circuit breaker with adjustable differential switches, with a DEEPSEA control panel and with an integrated automatic transfer switch system.

About GELEC Energy

GELEC Energy concentrates on the energy market: one of the largest and fastest growing markets in the world. GELEC wants to introduce efficient alternative energy solutions to a market that is traditionally supplied by Diesel electric generators.

GELEC designs, manufactures, constructs and assembles electricity production solutions, Diesel or biofuel thermal electric generators, HPOD smart storage reservoirs and hybrid micro power stations.

Its investment in Research & Development lets GELEC create new solutions for state of the art energy production: The first hybrid electric generator (HKUB), the electric generator that operates using vegetable oil, the HPOD smart storage reservoir and also the development of PV-diesel electric power stations.


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Yvonne Andiva
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