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Grupel establishes commercial partnership with Benza Energía (Internaco)

Grupel and Benza Energía, from the Spanish group Internaco, have recently joined in a bilateral commercial agreement, which will enable the worldwide growth of both brands of the power generation sector.

The partnership will allow the sharing of technical know-how and market experience, for the realization of increasingly versatile and robust projects, as well as more adapted to the real needs and contexts of customers.

Both companies have many years of experience in the genset market and come to this agreement with expectations of growth and expansion, improvement and diversification of their energy solutions, with products of higher quality and aligned with market trends, and with the desire to strengthen ties of proximity with customers around the world and to ensure their satisfaction.

Since 1976, Grupel produces and sells power generators (open or soundproofed) from 3 to 3500kVA, equipped with components of the best quality from internationally recognized brands, in addition to its own brand. With a multifaceted and specialized team, from engineering to production, logistics and technical assistance, it offers products and services tailored to the specific needs of each client, which has facilitated its expansion throughout the world (being present in over 70 countries) and its leadership and recognition (with several awards in recent years) in Portugal.

Also, since 1976, Benza Energía designs and manufactures generator sets. Initially focused more on forestry and garden machinery, it quickly extended its range of solutions to other sectors of activity and to the specificities of various countries. With a specialized technical team, it has robustness, safety and reliability as watchwords in its operations, with the ultimate goal of ensuring the best offer, fully adapted, and the satisfaction of its customers on 5 continents.

Together, Grupel and Benza Energía will take their energy further.

About Grupel

Grupel produces and sells a wide range of power generators (open or soundproofed), with powers from 3 to 3500kVA, and equipped with components of the best quality.

They have the largest production unit of this equipment, in Portugal, located in Aveiro – which allows them to have a great flexibility, being able to produce standard generators as well as complex and customized special projects. In addition, we have differentiated services and a specialized team for situations that require their intervention/cooperation.

Grupel is a reference brand in the sector, having, in 2021, been recognized by Portuguese consumers with the Five Stars Award, for the third consecutive year. But it is not only recognized in Portugal. Currently, about 80% of the company’s turnover is due to its presence in more than 70 countries, on 5 continents.

Their Energy is increasingly evident with national consumers and increasingly strong with international consumers.


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