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How to build a substation project in less than 7 minutes with Spin Eng

There’s a new methodology in the automation market that changes the structure of project building. Spin Engenharia, a 30 years company specialized in automation, developed a way to fasten the process while reducing the number of possible errors and budget.

Lean Automation is incorporated into SCADA ActionNET software, allowing the generation of automation applications in record time, with excellent quality and without errors. This methodology is based on the concept of components, which are part of a SCADA application or a complete application.

Tested and approved components are saved in libraries and, when necessary, inserted into a new application with a few mouse clicks. This quickly generates a new application that incorporates the functionality of its components. Applications generated through this methodology are already pre-tested, minimizing the parameterization and testing time in the laboratory environment.

Testing time in the factory environment and commissioning are minimized, reducing human resources, travel, and lodging expenses, as well as generating standardized, robust, high-quality applications with a very low probability of errors. What is a component? A component is a cell of a project that works independently and performs one or more functionalities.

The component concept was developed using the Lean Automation methodology, which in turn is based on the Lean Manufacturing methodology developed and implemented by Toyota in car production. This methodology preaches a philosophy of production optimization with strict quality control, reducing time with future rework and maintenance.

A manufacturer or consultant can use a component to structure best practices to be implemented in any equipment, such as a new relay line. Thus, the developer can use all the functionalities available in the equipment to make the most of it, fixing this knowledge in the component that could be used in dozens of projects, ensuring the spread of best practices for the use of that equipment in new projects.

Because of its intelligent concept and use of the functionalities of the SCADA ActionNET software, Lean Automation enables a developer, for example, to structure a substation in less than 7 minutes, as you can see in this video. Péricles Toledo, CEO of Spin Eng, believes this solution is a key feature for the African market: “Lean Automation is the answer to a market that grows fast and needs cost-effective strategies. We believe we will find a lot of partners ready to reduce their costs keeping the high level of their services”.


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