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SIDE Industrie expands DIP System range

French company SIDE Industrie has expanded its DIP Systeme (Direct In-Line Pump System) with the launch of the new DIP28.

The company specializes in the pumping of difficult fluids and its DIP System has been in existence for 16 years and is used in around 2,000 installations worldwide.  At Pollutec 2018, it also announced the launch of the DIP Booster, a gravity line accelerator and flood protection system, also part of the range.

The new DIP28 is an auto-adaptive, more compact model with the Inlet/Outlet on the same side so it uses less plant area. It fits any sanitation network configuration and its design includes the self-cleaning DIPCut impeller.

As the new generation of the DIP System, the DIP28 offers all the features of other DIP models but the company says that its performance range is wider. It has an immersible IP67 rating with high efficiency motors, it is controlled by smart frequency converter, has integrated level sensor protection against rocks and sand and two suction valves for a simplified maintenance.


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