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Windmöller: The expansive family-run company from East Westphalia, Germany

Ownerrun, East Westphalian and down-to-earth – as a third-generation family-run undertaking. As a sign of their passion for innovative and high-class products, there are three East Westphalian production plants bearing the name Windmöller – which has been synonymous with the wood, chemicals and flooring industries made in Germany for 70 years.

Windmöller stands for innovative flooring solutions, acoustic systems and is well known as a supplier to the furniture industry. According to WirtschaftsWoche magazine, Windmöller is one of the leading 15 SMEs in Germany with regard to economic performance and innovation.

Under the umbrella brand wineo, Windmöller exports innovative flooring products to more than 70 countries around the world and is on a continuous course of growth. Its product portfolio comprises the flooring types laminate and design flooring and the unique PURLINE organic flooring. As an efficient and service-oriented partner for industry, trade and real estate, wineo is a regular generator of innovative, path-breaking product enhancements or new developments.

Becoming a trendsetter with innovations

In developing the organic flooring product PURLINE, Windmöller reached a milestone on the flooring market. It is a high-quality polyurethane flooring solution made from the finest materials. The basis is provided by ecuran, a high-performance composite material that is manufactured primarily from plant-based oils such as canola oil or castor oil and naturally-occurring mineral components such as chalk.

PURLINE organic flooring impresses most of all with its sustainability, combined with its extreme hard-wearing features. The end result is the world’s only permanently elastic, highly durable organic flooring solution that dispenses completely with the use of chlorine, plasticisers and solvents.

Solution competence in the event of special requirements

wineo supplies made-to-measure flooring solutions. Digital printing technology makes it possible to create e.g. individual designs in accordance with customer-specific requirements.

For special fields of application, wineo is also developing its polyurethane flooring in line with special application requirements. The special product “PURLINE Sea”, for example, fulfils the requirements of shipbuilding and offshore industry as a maritime flooring solution.


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