Vebra s.r.l.

Vebra s.r.l.
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Vebra s.r.l.
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Their production of formwork has the objective of solving any problem associated with the creation of any concrete structures.
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Vebra s.r.l. was born at the end of the seventies as a manufacturer of building machines and building equipment.

The firm gradually focused its business momentum on an innovative product which is obtaining more and more enthusiastic acceptance in the building industry: i.e. formworks.

Since the beginning, the choice made by the firm was not mainly featured by the attempt of consolidating results in terms of quantity produced, but by making a product of the highest quality, in advantage of solidity and quickness of assembly.

Their firm provides a better and much longer lasting alternative to traditional framing wood panels, thus joining handiness, quickness of assembly, convenience, flexibility and money-saving, since, through its range of products, both the needs of small-medium industries and larger industries may be satisfied.

Since 2002, with the entrance of new partners, their firm received new energies for renovating and further improving a product that had already been appreciated.

The main aim is to satisfy customers’ needs, by offering technical counseling service and specialist assistance directly on the site.

In recent years the Vebra has gained good experience at international level contributing with their formwork to significant facilities such as: the new prison in Marrakech (Morocco), a series of silos in Kazakhstan and some hospitals in Ethiopia.

Their production of formwork has the objective of solving any problem associated with the creation of any concrete structures.

A lean corporate structure allows very fast response time without too many intermediate steps, so the company can keep prices lower than many competitors.

The formwork Vebra were designed on the basis of versatility that will be in different sites in which they are used, minimizing the need for special pieces and doing so with standard panels can be made, the broadest range of solutions.

They simplify the method of assembly of the formwork, so even the unskilled workers will be able to use them without difficulty.

The instructions continued assistance from their technical staff to illustrate the proper use of all components of their formworks used in total safety guarantee. Safety data from tests carried out on all their products and the CE certification of some accessories.

The criteria they used in the design and construction of their formwork, together with strict control of the organization and the choice of raw materials of good quality, have led their company to be certified since 2003 according to international standards ISO 9001: 2008.

They are looking for agents and dealers already in place in order to have a reference point for customers directly on site.

Vebra s.r.l.
Francesco Sponga
[email protected]

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+39 0437 555657
Trichiana (BL)

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