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Cn-moulding (China) Co., Ltd. Mold-making factory specializing in plastic injection molding and various moulds manufacturing, exporting to worldwide with Europe and USA standard.

We have become our manufacturing is the Menzies, the most effective injection molding industry in China. Through our advanced mold making team and unique process model, we can the most complex part to the most simple , manufacture than any other practical, and cheap.
If you have failed in any other place or need to find the most perfect supplier, please contact us immediately.
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Our factory service includes:

Mold making : manifold types of mold (injection,vacuum thermoforming, rapid prototyping)

Plastic injection molding : various product moulding, assembly, process and accessory machinging ,painting.

Engineering: CAD/CAM/CAE service,Reverse engerneering, Product design, Industrial design etc.,

In order to ensure to provide the best service, technology and service, our professional engineers are using the most advanced CAD/CAM software with

UGII,Pro/engineering ,solidworks and precision CNC /CMM machine. In order to enlarge the market share, as of year 2000, we became a subsidiary of

Shanghai Tiantan International Trading Company which is one of the biggest local import & export company. And now we are a supplier for several multi

international companies,like USA GE, Xerox, Walmart,Electrolux,Craftsman company, ALL IN ONE, Westlake company, Plasticoid manufacturing, 2BOT

company, UK TYCO company,Germany Wella, Australia Industrial Pty, StarLogix Pty , Swiss IPM, Sweden KONGSBERG Automotive, Netherlands ZAP,

Italy Deca, Demark KP, Iceland Gudjon engineer company, Japan Sharp company , Iran POUYAN SHARGH DORIKA CO etc.,. We have successfully

maintained our customer relation and a good reputation in this industry. we hope to know each other through the web and hand in hand to a new field.

That is to say, you give us a chance, we reture you a better result. We look forward to hearing from you soon and would appreciate your suggestion and

comment at any time. To meet the demands of client, to guarantee a high-class quality, to have a win win result!

People: Who we are in a factory

Our people best representative who we are. Cnmoulding is included of injection mold engineer, Die casting technician and plastic molding expert operater, manufacturing specialists, and quality managers.

We are here to serve our customers of injection molding service.

We are pioneers, developing and introducing new technologies, concepts, and methods to the way we do our work.

We recognize and appreciate the uniqueness of each individual and the importance of everyone’s contribution to the company. We seek to utilize each person’s unique strengths and abilities. No one person is more important than any other.

We provide all mold makers opportunities to grow, develop and advance; personally and professionally.

We encourage people to take the initiative to keep up with the injection molding company and their own personal growth and development.

Peoples’ commitments to their moral and/or religious values are never sacrificed.

We provide a safe and healthy work environment for all employees, contractors, vendors, and visitors.

We maintain a clean, well-organized, comfortable environment. While our atmosphere is casual, dress is appropriate to a business environment.


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Certified freight forwarder

Packaging experts

Logistic personnel

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201801 shanghai

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