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Mauru Containers is among the leading container retailers and fabricators in Kenya. We are accessible to the public for new shipping containers and used shipping containers for sale, as well as fabricated containers.
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Mauru Containers started 5 years ago as a container retailer in Kenya, and later ventured into container fabrication as one of the pioneer companies to offer that service. They specialize in the sale of new and used shipping containers, and making of container-based conceptions like homes, offices, schools and event configurations. They provide container fabrication for both private and commercial customers. The company consists of a team of experienced personnel who handle the container fabrications. “We modify the containers to meet the various needs of our customers. If you have a unique idea for a container, we will work with your vision and budget to help create your ideal final product,” Denise Majani, the Operations Director says.

They offer their services to clients in different locations within Kenya, with majority of them based in Nairobi and its vicinity. Moreover, they have also worked with international clients from Germany, Somalia, and Tanzania. They are currently doing a containerized three-story building along Kiambu road, Runda. “The containerized house is a complete house with lighting, toilets, roofing and even gutters installed to collect rain,” Denis explains. Medium-Density Fiberboard (MDF) is used for the inside finishes. Styrofoam is placed in between the container and MDF to regulate heat and maintain the room temperature inside the container. They also use automotive paint on the outside to prevent corrosion of the containers.

According to Denis, the demand for containerized conceptions in Kenya is rising because they are cheaper and faster to do. “We are doing 30, 16 by 40 foot company offices, and we will be done in a month’s time. It saves time and it is efficient. The container structures are also semi-permanent, which ensures you still have your land for any future development. They also last for a very long time since they are usually meant for the sea, whose water is more corrosive than rain water,” he adds.

Some of the values that drive Mauru Containers include high quality, exceptional and expert service, and fair prices. Their prices are a package inclusive of buying, fabrication, and transportation of 40 feet and 20 feet containers. “We undertake all kinds of projects from simple to complex customer designs in a timely manner and guarantee customer satisfaction,” Denise says.

The company faces several challenges in the course of their business. “We have a reputation of speedy delivery on every job. We often finish the work before the agreed time and start following clients for payment, which is a challenge. The fact that clients are used to contractors sometimes taking longer than promised to complete a project, our efficiency is sometimes met with skepticism.” Denise explains. “Importing the containers is also quite expensive,” he adds. Going forward, Mauru Containers seeks to be a brand name in East Africa for the sale of new and used containers, and doing containerized conceptions.

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