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Aqua-Loc South Africa (Pty) Ltd
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Short Business Description: Aqua-Loc South Africa (Pty) Ltd, now a BBBEE Level 1 company, was founded in 1998. Over the past 18 years Aqua-Loc actively participated in research on the specific needs of Water Demand Management (WDM) in Africa.

With this in mind, Aqua-Loc has formed a strategic partnership with Diehl Metering GmbH for the supply of high quality German technology components that are used in our Aqua-Loc Water Management Systems. All Aqua-Loc’s WDM products are designed around first world technology, offering a simplistic cost effective solution, that accommodates all scenarios of application, from rural to sophisticated high-tech environments.
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Water is one of the world’s most critical resources, but in every continent it is under threat, especially in drought stricken Africa. Aqua-Loc is dedicated to providing products and solutions to help protect and preserve fresh water around the globe. With the ever increasing demand for the supply of fresh water, WDM products are becoming a necessity. With this in mind, Aqua-Loc identified a niche market and targeted clients who recognized the inherent value of WDM. This market has now grown to more than 30% of the total water meter market in South Africa. Aqua-Loc is proud to say that there is more than a half a million Aqua-Loc Intelligent Water Management Systems installed through-out South Africa.

WDM and conservation dilemmas are the foundation of the various Aqua-Loc WDM products, service offerings and the roots from whence the Aqua-Loc WDM System developed. In many cases the installation of Aqua-Loc products and services, it will represent a substantial part in saving revenue and water resource loss after installation.

…..When every drop counts

Water Demand Management System Specifications

Our box is a fully sealed housing with pop up lid. Easy leak detection in one piece moulded housing.
Mud and roots contamination free.
Repair and replacement of all component are done IN-situ, using unique non-standard tools.
Fundamental product that is easily upgraded from basic management (no meter) to 15mm or 20mm meter with/without flow regulating device.
Upgradable for automatic meter reading as and when required.
Pressure independent with IFRD flow regulating device.
Pressure management with IFRD flow regulating device.
Dual Housing available offer costs savings in product and installation.

Econobox Specifications

Our one piece moulded box provides strength and leak detection in sealed housing.
Isolated locking device prevents the ingress of dirt into sealed meter box.
Hinge protection to prevent the lid breaking when opened.
Isolating valve allows for the In-situ, repair and instalition of 165mm meter body.
Box design accomodates ground level and “above-ground”installation.
Standard 20mm straight fit or 45 degree compression fitting.

Intelligent Flow Regulating Device (IFRD)

IFRD and Blanking Plug (No meter).
IFRD is Available in 4,6,8,10 and 15 litres per minute and easily upgraded in a two minute exercise.
Metering optional huge cost savings when not billing consumer.
IFRD – unique water savings device which can maintain a constant flow irrespective of variable water pressures.
IFRD SABS approved.
Credit Management allowable under 10L per minute.
No influencing of meter due to unique cofiguration with IFRD after the meter.

Community Standpipe Specifications

Typical installation illustration: standpipe installed complete with concrete ring grave for the control spilled water.
Robust construction.
Mechanical components only.
Minimal maintenance required.
Improved standpipe functionality.
Field maintenance simple and quick.
Water only dispensed when some depresses the lever.
Clean and dry environment as the porous gravel assist with draibage.
Pressure management is possible if used in conjunction with the aqua- loc WDMS (water demand management system).

ydrus (ULTRA-Sonic Meter)

•Marks a new era in water metering
•Pioneering ultrasonic technology enabling exact date measurement, optimum precision and greatest possible efficiency
•Solution for measuring accurate consumption in high humidity environments, flooded shafts, pressure surges and air pockets in piping system and poor water quality.
•Static system, which has no moving parts, allows long-term accuracy with high degree of protection against manipulation.
•Intergrated radio module for data transmission for AMR
•Robust, UV resistant housing and fully encapsulated electronics (IP 68) provides invaluble advantage especially under extreme climactic conditions.
•Measuring forward and return flows
•Measuring water up to 90…
•Class D
•All postition possible, vertical & horizontal
•Length – 165mm

165mm Meter – 1,5m³/h (15mm) + 2,5m³h (20mm)

•Fitted with 1,5m or 2,5m class C meter
•Optical (inductive) pulse output ideal for AMR upgrade
•Fits into Aqua-Loc Econobox for domestic installations
•165mm meter can be accomodated in other meter housing
•Multi-Jet inferential meter
•Ful NRCS/SABS approved
•SANAS compliant

Apartment Meters

•Installation position: Horizontal, Vertical, Riser pipe and Down pipe.
•Norminal diameter DN 15mm (Qn 1,5m³/h) DN 20mm (Qn 2,5m³/h).
•Single – Jet Impeller meter
•Protection class IP 54
•Prepared for retro-fitting IZAR RS 868 radio segment for AMR
•80mm and 110mm length avalable
utomatic Meter Reading (AMR) Solutions
Besides the distinctly higher process efficiency an Aqua Loc AMR System saves an enormous amount of work and time from the very first day. Thanks to automatic meter reading there is no need to arrange appointments, enter buildings or secure flooded shafts. Leaks are detected quickly, meter manipulation and manual billing mistakes are a thing of the past and annoying waiting times and delays are eliminated completely.

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Town: Roodepoort
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