Green Development Energy Ltd

Green Development Energy Ltd
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Green Development Energy Ltd
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Green Energy Development offers clean energy, with efficient and long term vision
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GED LTD is a company based in London that comes from decades of expertise that few managers have accumulated over many years of development of the renewable energy sector in Italy and in Europe.
GED LTD is active in the Middle East (Jordan, KSA) and South America (Chile) developing plans for the construction of plants producing electricity from renewable energy sources on a large scale.
GED LTD is in fact an aggregator of expertise and experience in different sources: solar, wind, geothermal, biomass and hydro. For each of these sources within GED LTD has expertise and resources to develop projects.
In this growth path, GED LTD was accompanied by an international engineering company; it is active in the energy, oil & gas both in the infrastructure and civil projects. They are currently introducing their products in the East Africa market

They choose the target countries by carefully assessing both the demographic and social situations and also the industrial growth and the relative energetic needs. The projects that they develop generally have a power range between 10 and 50 MW each and embrace all the genres of renewable sources, producing energy from photovoltaic, wind, geothermal, biomass and mini hydro systems.

They approach projects in a flexible, systematic, and competent way at every step of the production chain: from the generation of the opportunity until the engineering study, from completion of the licensing phase to the definition of every single aspect bound to the procurement of debt capital and the analysis of necessary risks for the completion of the project.

From their projects in phases of development, they choose those in which to invest directly, without ever losing sight of their main goal: to contribute to a target country’s industrial growth and energy development. For this reason, they choose the most suitable industrial and financial partners and differentiate the investment on the basis of the specific peculiarities and needs of the selected areas.

Their mission and vision is to create value in the production chain of renewable energy, ensuring a cleaner planet for the future generation of the world, free from CO2 emissions and independent from the traditional energy sources that are on the way to exhaustion. To invest with foresight and tenacity in countries with high potential for development, that will enhance their strength. To select the most capable industrial and financial partners in order to secure the success of the projects for the collective well-being, wealth and development in favor of all the stake holders involved.

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3 Gower Street

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