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BuildSoft specializes in software solutions for the structural design analysis of buildings and the calculation of structures in reinforced concrete, steel and timber
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BuildSoft is a Belgian company founded in 1989, specialized in software solutions for the structural design analysis of buildings and the calculation of structures in reinforced concrete, steel and timber. BuildSoft develops specialized calculation software according to the latest Eurocode, American and many local standards. They highly invest in the user-friendly and intuitive quality of their analysis software.

They currently have distributors in Burundi and Benin and are looking for new distributors in Africa.

Overview of their products:

Diamonds is easy-to-use finite element software for the analysis & design of frames, beam grids, slabs, plates, rafts and complete 3D structures. They support several materials (steel, concrete, and timber), design codes (Eurocode & AISC) & languages (English, French, Dutch and Spanish).

Benefits Diamonds
Superior user comfort
Diamonds is the structural engineer’s natural working environment. Allowing for a fully transparent management of your structural design analysis models, Diamonds accommodates itself to your needs and preferences. Its highly intuitive and versatile working environment enables you to do your job in the shortest possible time frame.

Top performance
Diamonds’ analysis engine is based on the robust and powerful PARDISO sparse solver technology. Combining high-speed performance with minimal memory usage, Diamonds will solve both simple 2D and complex 3D structural analysis models in no time.

Flexible product structure
Through a series of well-planned Design Packs, Diamonds offers attractively priced solutions tailored to various customer needs. Any Design Pack can easily be extended to comply with evolving design analysis requirements.

Complete solutions
From within the user-friendly Diamonds environment, the structural engineer can easily accomplish various tasks related to the structural design analysis process – up to the creation of a well-structured report.

PowerConnect is an easy-to-use steel connection design software for the analysis & design of moment connection, shear connections, column base plate, tubular connection. PowerConnect has several design codes (Eurocode & AISC) and languages (English, French, Dutch, and Spanish) built-in.

Benefits PowerConnect
BuildSoft PowerConnect is a dedicated steel connection design tool. Within PowerConnect’s user-friendly steel design software environment you define single-sided or double-sided connections for a wide range of practical designs quickly and efficiently. Alternatively, connections can be imported directly from Diamonds.
Design changes can then be defined easily, enabling structural engineers and steel contractors to test several designs in a short time frame and finally go for the most optimal solution.

PowerConnect implements the most recent limit state design methods according to Eurocode 3, AISC or IS800.
In spite of the complexity of those methods, PowerConnect’s strong solver capabilities enable you to evaluate almost instantly the impact of design changes on the connection’s design resistance and stiffness. You’ll soon be developing better insights into the quantitative importance of the most relevant steel connection design parameters.

PowerConnect provides you with a complete steel design software solution for welded and bolted steel connection design – standard. PowerConnect offers connection and loads modeling capabilities, static analysis, limit state design verification and reporting capabilities.

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