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ZMSA has a strong focus on sustainable or renewable energy utilisation, whether it is solar, wind power or water power.
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ZMSA has a strong focus on sustainable or renewable energy utilisation, whether it is solar, wind power or water power. ZM pumps are manufactured with top-quality cast iron, aluminium and polymers to ensure a longer lifetime and rust resistance. Harness free and natural energy to solve water supply challenges on your farm, at the least possible cost to you.
Their wide variety of wind pumps and turbines, water pumps and turbines as well as solar panels, gives you the opportunity to generate free electricity or even pump water for free on your farm.
ZMSA started as a direct result of requests from farmers to help solve their water pumping and electricity needs.
Farmers were searching for a power generator solution for their farms. The difficulties of electricity supply are becoming a reality for small farmers and the projection of electricity increases of 35% for the next 3-4 years really gave impetus to the addition of renewable energy solutions to the company’s range of products.
The company currently offer 3 different types of pump systems and the key benefit of these products is the fact that they use nature’s energy as the main motive power.
Overshot water- wheel pumps
These double action piston pumps are driven by the energy existing in water that falls naturally from one level to another. The basic technology is as old as time and has obviously been enhanced by the Brazilian manufacturers over the last 40 years. These pumps are capable of moving water great distances (up to 12 km ) and can pump to a head of 200 meters.
Undershot Pallet Wheel and Flotation pumps
Here the energy needed to drive the pumps is taken from the power of the flow under the wheel. Check out the following 3 pics. The delivery of these types is compromised by the speed of the flow of the water and usually only about 15 – 20 rpm is achieved. Farmers are able to push up the delivery by chain driven gearing.
D-10 4 Cylinder Hydraulic Pump
A new addition to the range, this amazing pump is capable of delivering water to a head of 180 meters and can be driven by 4 different methods Water wheel, Pelton Wheel, Tractor PTO and finally generator.

MicroHydro Turbines.
The company also offers a range of Low, Medium and High Head Turbines each capable of delivering approx. 1 kW of electricity every hour of the day ! These Powerspout units are produced in New Zealand. These units can be supplied for both off-grid and grid-tied configurations.
Larger Hydro systems.
Many unique solutions can be found for every possible site. We have a floating Turbine that needs just a water flow rate of 3 meters/second to generate 5 kW.
Water in volume falling 2.5 to 5 meters can be harnessed in an Archimedes Screw and can generate very useful amounts of electricity.
Send us details of head (in meters) and flow ( inliters / second) and we can provide you with to power generating potential of your site.
Wind Turbines.
We offer a full range of HAWT’s and VAWT’s from 1kW up to 60 kW.
Remember a wind speed of 9 m/sec will provide rated capacity, so if your wind speeds are lower, it could impact on the financial viability of the project.
Solar PV Systems.
Dependant on your daily electricity requirements we are able to offer PV panels, Charge controllers, Deep Cycle batteries and Inverters. These are the key elements in an installation that either aims to reduce dependence on the grid and or gain independence and live sustainably.
Hybrid Systems
In many instances a combinationof either wind, solar and hydro can all be used at lower cost to provide for the needs of the buyer. i.e. if you have great wind which operates at 28% efficiency and you combine it with solar (25% efficiency) you can go smaller on both systems as they will complement each other.

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