Short Business Description: Construction estimating and accounting software
Optimum PM Consulting and Solutions
Short Business Description: Consulting and Solutions company involved from Design to Engineering; Energy Optimisation; Entertainment Systems; Safety Systems; IT/IS Systems; Project Delivery
Short Business Description: Geniebelt is a project management and collaboration tool specifically tailored for the construction company. Founded in 2013, Geniebelt’s founders recognized the shortcomings of the current software providers in the construction industry. Over the past few years Geniebelt has grown in size as the need for simpler, intuitive tools have become more accepted in construction industry. You can get more information about our company and its history by going to Geniebelt’s company page.
Short Business Description: PYTHA software company develops professional 3D CAD software that is easy to learn and fun to use, and completely “Made in Germany”.
Turtle Creek
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Short Business Description: Turtle Creek has been creatingbusiness friendly software for many thousands of small businesses since 1987.
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Short Business Description: AutoDesSys, Inc. introduced 3D modeling software in the late 1980s and its form•Z brand products are widely considered one of, if not the best CAD 3D modeler available. form•Z is used in all design areas, including architecture, interior design, product design, entertainment and exhibit design, and in many more industries. Due its multiple modeling personalities combined with solid geometry modeling, form•Z has also become a top choice for 3D printing and fabrication projects.
CCS products
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Short Business Description: Since 1978, CCS has had a sole focus on the construction and mining industries, growing by listening to its customers to develop practical, innovative, market leading solutions.
Marshy Holdings
Short Business Description: Marshy Holdings is a services providing company with business interests in the following sectors,technological,financial and legal
EquipNet, Inc.
Short Business Description: EquipNet is the world’s leading provider of proactive asset management services. In addition to marketplace listings and auctions for used equipment, EquipNet also provide other services including machinery and equipment appraisal. Visit to learn more.