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CCS products
CCS products
Since 1978, CCS has had a sole focus on the construction and mining industries, growing by listening to its customers to develop practical, innovative, market leading solutions.

CCS products
Since 1978, CCS has had a sole focus on the construction and mining industries, growing by listening to its customers to develop practical, innovative, market leading solutions. Owned by EOH, a Level 2 B-BBEE large enterprise contributor, CCS has access to the deep resources of South Africa’s leader in technology and knowledge services. CCS is managed, developed and supported by an experienced team of construction and accounting professionals worldwide.

The CCS BuildSmart product is a complete Cost Accounting and ERP solution which has been uniquely designed to catch all costs at source (accruals) long before they become actual costs within the accounting system. BuildSmart incorporates a complete Procure to pay cycle with accrued Costs created the minute the goods hit the site (delivered), goods sent to stores also accrue costs to provide the QS with accurate MOS (materials on site) figures.

Every aspect of the BuildSmart system generates accrued costs before any actual accounting transactions are completed. Labour and Plant hours just captured (Daily, or Weekly) will immediately and accurately update the accrued costs for the contract., this allows for reporting on true actual costs (including accruals to the date of measure) to be compared to the allowable/budget values (of date of measure) for meaningful comparisons. The updating of the actual costs allows accurate forecasts to completion and final figures which is vital information for making informed decisions earlier in the construction process

The CCS Candy product provides the complete, estimating, planning, cash flow, valuation and forecasting tools from estimate through the life of the project providing valuable insight to the completion of the contract. Couple this with the BuildSmart Integrated Cost Management system the integrated solution provides the contracting team with timely accurate cost and allowable comparisons to leverage an effective outcome on every contract.

BuildSmart is Candy’s partner product and is a fully integrated solution and the CCS Suite allows the organisation to accurately compare actual verse allowable of any contract/project, it is also possible to provide up to date insight of the remaining and to completion values.

It is CCS’s view that integration needs to be both ways i.e. cyclical between sites and accounts. This is a continuous process and needs to be done on all levels not just by ledger codes but by activity as well.

Design precedes product and this is the key to the ICMS success as all functions have been designed and developed to function as a single solution for the contracting industry as a whole.

CCS continually with a single focus on the contracting industry keep in mind best practices and best of breed to insure our customers deal with one service provider that understand that integration needs to be done fully at all levels.

As CCS we don’t integrate on cost code/ledger code level only as this type of recon provides at best an accounts recon that benefits the finance department alone. CCS from practical experience knows that the recon aforementioned can at best, after sites and accounts are fully reconciled by ledger code/cost code, only inform the client on what he is losing margin on; the where is unknown and unavailable (Activity/Task)

The where is critical as well as the what, to be able to provide sites the necessary focus to curb losses on margin. In short Candy needs the real-cost back by Task-Activity and Cost code-Ledger code to integrate fully with Candy as it is a continues cyclical process.

All CCS clients have the ability to fully integrate between BuildSmart and Candy. The integration process begins with the RFQ submissions from Candy to Buildsmart. Pricing information by resource (or BOQ items for Sub Contractors) can be obtained in the Buildsmart RFQ system and utilized for Tender finalization in Candy. After award and re-engineering, the resource utilization schedules are made available to procurement and are continually updated from the changes occurring during the construction phase. Upstream control is obtained by limiting over-procurement, and over delivery. Following monthly valuations, Candy sends allowable figures to Buildsmart for comparison with actual costs, and in the same time frame, Buildsmart updates Candy with actual cost figures for the determination of cost to complete estimates.

CCS products
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CCS products