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The alkus AG is a global trading and service company based in Vaduz / Liechtenstein, which has existed since 1999th

The company sells alkus solid plastic boards and provides customers with accompanying technical support.

The alkus-plastic plate finds its main application as shuttering skin in the construction industry and in the construction industry, where, due to their advantages convinced against plywood panels and other plastic plates.

But it has proven itself due to its innovative opportunities in other sectors in particular applications: especially in tunnels and special formwork and the production of precastconcrete.

And even beyond the alkus-plastic plate has uses. Their stability, water resistance and formability open up many possibilities.

Alkus full plastic-sheets are the economical alternative to conventional timber for the construction industry.
The sheets can be treated like timer but have a much more higher lifetime – because they are resistant to moisture, UV-resistant and can be repaired easily and long lastingly without any loss of quality. That pays off: More than 1,000 applications with one single alkus-sheet are documented. The alkus full plastic-sheets can be used in each formwork system and each frame; they will be assembled to fit – regardless of size and shape. Due to the possibility of seamless welding and by the extreme bendability and formability almost all concrete projects can be implemented with the alkus panel system.

Some advantages of the alkus panel system at a glance:

Extremely durable
• Up to 1,000 re-uses with one sheet
• 7 years long-term warranty
• Moisture resistant – therefore no rotting, swelling, shrinkage, staining and no irregularities (ripples)
• High resistance to abrasion and UV resistance
• Easy and permanent repair – identical material without loss of quality

Extremely practical
• System independent – usable in all frame systems from all manufacturers
• Almost any concrete shape and size possible – form- and bendable like steel, seamless weldable
• Nailing, screwing and sawing like timber
• Cleaning with high-pressure washer (up to 1000 bar) or rotation cleaners
• No quality loss during outdoor-storage

Alkus panel system

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