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Short Business Description: Geniebelt is a project management and collaboration tool specifically tailored for the construction company. Founded in 2013, Geniebelt’s founders recognized the shortcomings of the current software providers in the construction industry. Over the past few years Geniebelt has grown in size as the need for simpler, intuitive tools have become more accepted in construction industry.
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Geniebelt is built to be user friendly. The construction industry tends to be an older industry and one that is slow to adopt change. Our software is built to be highly visual in the sense that our overview, tasks, gantt charts, and reports are clear and clean. This helps project managers get their job done more efficiently and business owners spend more of their time on the important things. Collaboration is extremely important when you have workers in multiple places. Having one communication channel to keep track of all the progress is paramount to the overall success of a project.
I think we’ve found that a lot of people over analyze the need for software. Many customers spend more time considering whether or not purchasing of software would be a good or bad change for their company rather than executing on it and focusing on optimizing their current processes. Get a free trial, upload your project using a template, see the control you get over your project, and start to use the software as its intended. I find that too many owners and project managers are overly concerned with the politics of making a change rather than the benefits.
We see a big market for integrations. We want to allow lots of different types of software to integrate with our platform to suit anyone’s needs. We also want to make our software extremely user friendly so that it’s easier to pick up and run with it rather than it be clunky and hard to work with. Our goal is give the construction industry a tool that they’ll want to bring to every project.
What are the challenges facing the industry at present?
The construction industry is slow to accept change. This means that those that do not modernize and continue to run inefficiently will eventually lose out to those that are optimizing every aspect of their business. It’s just like any other industry disrupted by software. Those that don’t accept the change will be left behind (without a decent stream of revenue). The phrase we use around here is “modernize or die.”
Please link to our website, we give free trials to anyone interested in using our software. We also encourage anyone interested to book a free demo to see how our software can improve their business.

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