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BIA Renewables
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Short Business Description: BIA Renewables offers the most Innovative Solar Power and Solar Power Applications. Our complete Solar Powered Systems improve peoples lives in the most positive way. A few of our Solar Applications are life saving too!
Long Business Description:

BIA Renewables sells four types of Solar Power and Solar Power Applications. The four types of solar power include: Glass Solar Panels, Laminated Solar Panels, Corrugated Metal Solar Panels, and The Solar Pillar. Our applications include a wide variety of uses, from Water Filtration Systems, Security, Lighting, Emergency Power, Fans, Pumps, and more! Our applications range from the individual to cities and villages. There is nothing BIA Renewables cannot power up with Solar Power!

Their most popular product for Africa is The Solar Pillar. This product represents a break-thru in solar power. Just looking at the Solar Power you can see why. The Solar Pillar is vertical solar power, solar power on a pole. We use a composite pole that is 45 feet in length, comes in four sections which makes it easy to carry by two people, and can be hand assembled. There is a jib available to lift the sections into their vertical place, which means no crane is necessary. This Composite pole can withstand 180 MPH Winds, that is a Class 5 Hurricane.

We attach 14 Solar Silos. We define Solar Silos as solar panels that are folded into an octagon shape. The pole is in the middle of this octagon shape, Solar Silo. Yes, this solar is vertical and not horizontal. This means you do not need to clean the face of the solar power because snow and dirt cannot sit onto the face of this unit. Since the Solar Silos are Octagon the wind hits the surface and wraps around the unit, it does not act as a kite and catch the wind. The wind is deflected around the octagon shape. The surface of the solar is low glare and impact resistant. Thus the sun does not reflect to blind anyone. During storms hail may hit the solar surface which is easily deflected. These Solar Silos are made with bypass diodes, which means when a section is damaged the power is rerouted. Poachers that shoot at the Solar Silos will find the power is still being generated and the camera is still taking their picture!

The Solar Pillar receives its power from 14 Solar Silos, which is up to 1,500 watts in less than a 2’ x 2’ space on the ground! This is the most solar power in a small footprint on the ground. The outside dimensions of the Solar Silos are 18” and always face the sun, since they wrap around the pole 360 degrees.

On top of The Solar Pillar we mount a Control Box that has the Lithium Batteries, Controls, Cameras, and Wireless Communications. At 40 feet in the air the cameras can see long distances. We have cameras that can read a newspaper 10 miles away, IR Cameras that can see a person behind smoke, 3D Cameras that can tell a person’s height, Gender, and Approximate Age, and Cameras that can see at night. The signals can be sent WIFI, Cellular, or Dish. We can encrypt the signal. We have Analytics and Metrics that we can program the cameras to watch for and could send a warning call to your phone if they catch a condition for which you set the alarm. Yes, the camera picture is automatically watched without some one watching.

The Solar Pillar is an OFF Grid Power solution that can supply power for a persons home without solar power on the roof and can provide security in remote locations! Did you catch this, we can supply solar power to buildings (Homes & Businesses) without attaching anything to the roof! Not only Single Family Homes, but Condos, Townhomes, Mobile Homes, and even Apartment Renters with permission of the Apartment Owners.

Because the 45 foot Solar Pillar is buried directly into the ground, the owner can take it out and move it to their next home. Young couples can move into a larger home and take their solar power with them. Retirees can take their solar power with them to their apartment when they sell their home. Construction sites can see a Solar Pillar used to recharge their battery tools and power up an air compressor with the security on top for 24 / 7 protection. Once the construction is done they can take it out of the ground and move it to their next construction site. The Solar Pillar can be Permanent or Semi-Permanent. Better yet, it does not take much effort to “plant” The Solar Pillar into the ground. The ground does not have to be level, nor The Solar Pillar perfectly vertical.

This solar power provides lots of options never before seen in Solar Power. We can provide a single Solar Pillar and when you need more power you keep adding units. Now the owner is not financing the finance charges. This also means less money is needed to start using solar power. You could purchase one unit, finance it like a car loan. After a couple years, purchase another unit. When you are ready to purchase your third unit in four years, the first unit is already completely paid (Assuming a 4 year loan).

Innovations in Solar Power is here with the implementation of The Solar Pillar. This brings renewable energy to the individual level. The applications are also for businesses and energy companies. This product represents a tool for energy companies to manage their power. Since The Solar Pillar is located where the load are, no longer is solar power in a farm and sent many miles into the city. The Solar Pillar can be located next to homes and businesses. Multiple Solar Pillars can provide enough power to offset a power overload on a sub-power station. We can also attach Solar Silos to existing Utility Poles and supply additional power, without adding much to the transmission costs. The Solar Pillar can be seen as a management tool by power companies as well as businesses and individuals.

We are beginning to provide new applications of Solar Power with the use of Solar Pillars. We have a Reverse Osmosis Water Filter System that runs completely off solar power. An option of adding ICE making to the RO System makes Solar Power COOL! Yes we can filter over 4500 gallons a day with 5 tons of ICE in a trailer, all powered by The Solar Pillars!

A single solar panel, called Solar Silo has been mounted on top of a 20’ Utility Pole powering an OFF GRID security system. The security system included a fisheye camera with IR lights and wireless communication. The fisheye camera provides either a 360 or 180 degree view, with the software that can take any point on the view and zoom to a flat view. This can be done for four locations from the same camera image. The image can be monitored 24 / 7 and provides a great view at night with the IR Lights. IR Lights cannot be seen by the Human Eye, but lights up the night for the camera to see up to 50 feet away. The night image is enough to see details that can be used by law enforcement.

This OFF GRID Solar Power has a Lithium Battery Supply that is recharged every day by the Solar Silo. The MPPT Charge Control (which has Bluetooth Capabilities) that takes the power from the Solar Silo and places it into the Lithium Battery. The Bluetooth feature provides charging and load data directly to your smart phone. This means you can monitor the system performance from the ground!

The Solar Silo with a complete Security System can be remotely installed anywhere, completely OFF GRID!

Applications for security for law enforcement agencies, Border Protection, Safety Zones inside Cities, Security along Pipelines, Security along High Transmission Lines, and Security for any business are becoming very popular. We are even seeing The Solar Pillar used in Agriculture, monitoring farms and livestock. Yes, we can send an alarm to the Rancher when a predator is seen entering a livestock grazing area for them to address the problem.

Solar Power is no longer panels in a field. The Solar Pillar will change how people will view solar power!

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