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Short Business Description: We are high-class molds & plastic molding china company located in Changping Town, Dongguan city of China, with the capability to design and build inexpensive and efficient plastic molds and parts and ship products to America, Europe, and the world.
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More than 15 years of experience providing plastic injection molds & molding service, plus 15 years of fluent technical English communication (technical English communication is very important to work with worldwide customers).

We 100% guarantee your project will be successful. You will be impressed and satisfied with our quality, price, and service.

What are you waiting for? Send us your requirement for quotation, you will lose nothing but having our competitive price for reference.

What is Plastic Mold?
plastic mold

Plastic Molding Technology is one of the preferred methods for manufacturing millions of injection plastic parts, is one of the most efficient manufacturing processes in the world, fast, repeatable, low product cost, and precision. But the plastic mold cost is expensive, to make one hundred of plastic parts or a half million of plastic parts, the mold cost is pretty much the same, this is the disadvantages of the plastic injection mold. If you have a project that needs many thousands of plastic parts or even more, then chooses plastic mold technology is one of the best options that could save cost for you.

How is this processing works
A Plastic molding company works on injection molding machine and plastic mold, meltdown plastics and inject it into the mould by high injection speed. Once the plastics are in the mold cavity, it forms the shape of the object you desire, after the resin get cold in the mold and eject out, then we got the molded part, this one complete cycle time is plastic molding techology, the machine is standard machine but the mould is custom made for every part feature and shape. For example, there is an iPhone case molded parts, electronic housing molding, plastic storage containers, house cook molded parts, every plastic part that needs a custom mould. However, most moulds are used for a more complex design like an automotive mould or toothbrush handle, aircraft mold and more.

The molding process creates stronger and more durable products and it is a more efficient process with min plastics waste, almost 80% of plastic parts are made by plastic molds and molding technology.

Today, companies are willing to take on orders that are large in quantity and short on time. They use small and large machines to provide state of the art injection molds. The injection molding technology is not limited to one material, plastic parts can be made in different type of thermoplastics, thermosetting polymers, sometimes metals and glass to help make moldings, sincere there are many types of material can be used in plastic molding parts, and each part shape that needs custom mold, this is reason to increase the quantity of the plastic molds, and that is why plastic mold is expensive.

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Town: Guangdong

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