Short Business Description: Tripower Energy Systems, was established to provide energy related solutions to the sectors such as Textile, Power, Sugar, Chemical, Pharma, Distillery, Iron and Steel etc., The core team of our company has got rich experience in handling technical and commercial aspects of business. The company is part of a very prominent business group catering to the industrial requirements across various industries and having a very strong presence across India for over two decades.
Long Business Description:

Design and Manufacturing:
• Design and manufacturing of ducts for Flue Gas and Air with suitable velocities and design of Fuel Feeding System, Ash Handling system.
• Sizing and manufacturing of De-aerator, Storage Tank & Blow Down system.
• Design and manufacturing of De-Mineralising tanks, Excess Condensate tanks, Feed Water tanks, Dosing system, Silencers & Chimney.
• Design and supply of Bagasse feeding system and Coal Feeding systems.
• Design & fabrication of Aerators, Heat Exchangers, Low Pressure heaters, High Pressure Heaters, Surface Condensors, Pressure Vessels, Columns & Tanks for Oil and Gas, Chemical, Refinery, pharma & Fertilizers in line with ASME Sec. VIII Div.1, TEMA and API codes

Thermal Design:

• Engg Thermal design of Water tube boilers such as AFBC, Travelling Grate, WHRB & Bottom Hopper with thermal sizing of Superheater upto 540 °C.
• Combustor calculation and sizing of Combustor for Solid Fuel boilers with fuels handled such as Coal, Lignite, Pet coke & fouling Bio-Mass fuels.
• Determination of the Boiler Thermal Efficiency based on the fuel.
• Calculate the Fuel, Air & Gas quantity required for the fuel accounting the Boundary conditions.
• Boiler Circulation Analysis.
• Design of pressure parts equipment’s, Preparation of Technical data sheets.
• Calculation of the Steam side pressure drop in the circuit for safety valve selection.
• Calculating the Pressure drops for the Air, Gas system for Fan Head selection.
• Able to do Retrofitting of Boiler technologies.
• Sizing of Rotary Equipments ( FD fan, SA fan, PD fan, ID fan and Feed Pumps).
• Selection of Pollution Control Equipments, Fuel feeding system, Bed Ash Conveying system & Fly Ash conveying system.
• Mechanical calculation of pressure parts as per ASME codes.

Business Website Address:
Business Phone Number: 9840492228
Town: Chennai

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