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To protect your roof from the damage of a heavy rainfall, waterproof coatings and membranes alone are not enough. A quality rain gutter system is very necessary in keeping your house sound and dry.

In recent years, as more and more well-to-do Chinese residents prefer western-style villas and mansions, a thriving home drainage industry has also come into being.

In addition, with the government’s vigorous efforts in promoting low-rise prefab constructions and light steel structures, rain gutter systems are expect to be widely adopted in China in the near future.

In fact, there has already been some Chinese enterprises that are doing a very good job in this field. If you are wondering where you can find these Chines companies, here are two featured rain gutter enterprises from Roof China 2017 (the 7th China Guangzhou International Roof, Facade & Waterproofing Exhibition).

Fujian GENS Metal Technology Development Co., Ltd
− By dint of premium product quality and state-of-the-art research technology, GENS is in the leading position in the copper product manufacturing industry.
− Of all metal products, their sophisticated copper drainage systems are their proudest offerings to their global consumers.
− With the distinct advantage of high efficiency, their drainage systems have been used in numerous large-scale projects, such as Shanghai Disneyland Park, Shanghai City Hall, Huawei Base in Dongguan Songshan Lake, Viceroy Mansion, etc.

Zhejiang Saiteng Building Materials Co., Ltd.

− After 16 years of relentless efforts, Saiteng has become a China leading roof system expert, annually providing millions of global consumers with their roof solutions.
− Being in technological cooperation with outstanding institutions and enterprises at home and abroad, such as Suzhou Waterproof Research Institute, Johns Manville, etc, Saiteng has got hold of China’s most advanced technologies in the fields of asphalt shingles and metal drainage systems.

In addition to drainage systems, Roof China 2017 provides a very wide choice of exhibits, including waterproof paints and coatings, waterproof membranes and sheets, roof systems, etc. Here are two other exhibitors that are highly recommended by the organizing committee.

Tobice——Waterproof Coatings
− As a Sino-American joint venture, Tobice is licensed to use the production technology of Temproof International Coatings Corp. with the key raw materials provided by DOW Chemicals, DuPont, etc.

− Tobice is highly committed to the development of cool roof waterproofing systems, rust-resistant roof waterproofing systems, heat insulation roof waterproofing systems, anti-corrosive roof waterproofing systems and energy conservation roof waterproofing systems.

Onice——Roof Tiles
− Established in 2000, Onice is a high-tech building material manufacturer specializing in the development, production and sales of asphalt shingles.
− Besides its domestic sales network which has covered over 120 major cities in China,

Onice has expanded its business to the markets of Europe, Southeast Asia, Africa, etc.
− With 3 modern production lines, Onice annually produces over 100 million RMB worth of asphalt shingles.

Concurrently held with CIHIE 2017 (China (Guangzhou) International Integrated Housing Industry Expo 2017), one of the most influential housing expo in China, Roof China 2017 is the best place for you to grow your roof business!

The 7th China (Guangzhou) International Roof, Facade & Waterproofing Exhibition (Roof China 2017)
Date: May 12th-14th, 2017
Venue: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center Expo

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