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International Gas Cooperation Summit (IGCS)

The Dubai World Islands Project
The Dubai World Islands Project

The International Gas Cooperation Summit (IGCS) will take place from 9-11October 2017. As a follow on from the hugely successful South Africa: Gas Options meeting, which followed the journey of the South African government’s launch of their Gas IPP Programme, IGCS will focus on South Africa’s potential for gas procurement, distribution and utilisation nationally, regionally and globally, while integrating the Gas IPP Programme with South Africa’s broader economic strategy.

Topics will include:

  • The Global Gas Outlook for Africa
  • Modelling a Gas Economy: Case Studies for South Africa
  • Significance of South Africa’s Gas Market in the SADC
  • South Africa’s Gas to Power Programme
  • The Cost of Diving into Downstream
  • The Local Opportunities from South Africa’s Gas Market
  • Accelerating Gas Infrastructure
  • KZN Black Industrialists Programme – Preparing for Success
Search for construction leads
  • Region/Country

  • Sector


IGCS will bring together a global gathering of energy leaders who will enable Southern Africa to achieve its objectives in becoming an energy hub for the region, utilising technologies from around the world. For more information visit www.igcs-sa.com  or email [email protected]


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Yvonne Andiva
Yvonne Andiva
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