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10 – 11 March 2015

Nairobi, Kenya

Stepping away from small-scale donor led schemes – Solar Energy East Africa brings together domestic and international solar players with East African commercial and industrial power users to explore grid-tied and off-grid commercially viable opportunities for PV deployment.

Serving as forum to connect local developers with international partners and investors the conference aims to create well capitalised and experienced partnerships who can deliver high quality PV systems in a timely manner to the East African region.

Key topics include:

·         Industrial energy costs, reliability and alternatives beyond diesel gensets

·         Changes to Kenya’s feed-in-tariff

·         Financial models and sources of private capital

·         Developing a bankable PPA

·         Micro-grids, anchor systems & hybrid systems

Benefits of attending:

Network with energy managers representing East African Manufacturing, agricultural, tourism, real estate, telecom and mining industries as part of the special focus session: PV for commercial and industrial power users
Identify new local development and distribution partners from across the East African region
Hear first hand from governments on the proposed roll-out of feed-in tariff and net metering schemes including the change of Kenya’s FiT scheme to an auction and benefit from peer led analysis on the implications of this
Connect with private investors moving the market away from pureplay donor finance
Discuss new business models and technical options to make micro-grids a commercially viable value proposition
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