HZS concrete batching plant

Differentiating HZS concrete batching plant

HZS is an abbreviation for Chinese called concrete batching plant,H stands for concrete, Z stands for the plant, S stands for twin-shaft. The number after HZS refers to the production capacity per hour.

The name of the Concrete plant is named according to the production per hour. At present, the commonly used specifications are HZS25, HZS35, HZS50, HZS60, HZS75, HZS90, HZS120, HZS150, HZS180, HZS240, etc. For example, HZS25 refers to the hourly production capacity of 25 cubic meters of a concrete plant.

HZS type for small concrete batching plant 

HZS25 (25m³/h), HZS35(35m³/h), HZS50(50m³/h), HZS60(60m³/h), HZS75(75m³/h), HZS90(90m³/h), HZS120(120m³/h), HZS180(180m³/h), HZS Concrete batching plant mixer using JS3000 twin-shaft compulsory mixer, quick mixing ability, which is suitable for dry-hard, plastic, and various concrete production. And the aggregate storage system uses a PLD batching machine with high production efficiency.

HZS25 (25m³/h), HZS35(35m³/h), HZS50(50m³/h)Belongs to the small concrete batching plant,

HZS small Concrete batching plant only needs low investment and small occupation area, and the batching plant are only equipped with several pieces of equipment so that it has the advantages of simple and safe maintenance.

HZS type for medium concrete batching plant 

HZS60(60m³/h), HZS75(75m³/h), HZS90(90m³/h), HZS120(120m³/h), HZS180(180m³/h)Belongs to the medium and large concrete batching plant, This concrete batching plant are built to maximize your productivity, the quality of your mix, and your return on investment,

It has the features of reasonable layout, smooth operation and advanced control system for large and medium-sized construction engineering projects and precast concrete components plants.


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