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How Africa has embraced modern kitchen fittings

Blum is well known and valued as an innovative family-owned company that operates on an international scale. It is their motivation to perfect motion. Their solutions make opening and closing furniture a mesmerizing experience and deliver quality of motion and enhanced user convenience to the entire home. In particular to kitchens, their product range is complemented by extensive support services. It is their goal to be a trusted and future-oriented partner.

Construction Review magazine conducted an exclusive interview with, Lisa Nagel, Marketing Corporate Communications at Blum in regards to modern kitchen fittings and how it has been embraced in Africa.

How does Blum see the African kitchen fittings market? Does Blum have any future plans for the African market?
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We see great potential in the development of the African furniture manufacturing industry. We want to support local manufacturing of high quality furniture by not only supplying the relevant hardware but also supporting the entire value chain from furniture planning through manufacturing to installation. Our services are there when our customers need them. That is why our services are geared to everyday operations. Some facilitate individual tasks, others support along several steps within the process chain, but every service will help to achieve the desired results quicker and more efficiently.

What are some of the challenges in the industry and how do you go about them?

Whether manufacturer, distributor, fitter or kitchen user – everybody should personally enjoy the benefits of Blum products. To that purpose we offer inspiring workshops and are continuously coming up with new ideas on how to make modern furniture more practical.

What are the new technologies with regards to Kitchen cabinets and has it been embraced in Africa?

Thin furniture fronts are currently in vogue. We’ve developed a single fixing system for thin fronts for wall cabinets, doors and pull-outs, facilitating the creation of unique items of furniture.

More and more people aspire to thin (8 mm) panels of various materials, such as chipboard, HPL or ceramics. Blum has come up with a new solution to meet this trend: an innovative fixing method called Expando T. This latest innovation gives cabinet makers and manufacturers the ability to implement their own design ideas, stand out even more from their competitors and offer bespoke solutions using products in their range. Expando T delivers tried and tested functionality and the usual top quality you’ve come to expect from Blum.

African designers are constantly looking for ways on how to create African designs. Especially these new technologies allows for infinite design options.

What are some of the factors to consider when selecting kitchen fittings for a modern kitchen?

Kitchens have to withstand the rigours of everyday use. So it’s important that they not only look good but are practical too. Modern kitchens not only offer trendy features and sophisticated looks but are also top in terms of functionality. They make everyday kitchen use fun! But buying a new kitchen can also be a bit of a challenge. The kitchen you decide on will last for 15 years or more, and it’s often very difficult to keep an overview of the latest product innovations.

Blum has been investigating the needs of kitchen users around the globe for years and is continuously coming up with new ideas on how to make modern kitchens even more practical. Blum has identified the three key features of a practical kitchen: good workflows, enough storage space and top quality motion. If you pay attention to all three, your kitchen will suit you and your needs. Find out more about ideas for practical kitchens on blum.com.

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