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Best Cities to Live in America with Affordable Real Estate

Whether you are just starting your new business or taking a leap in your career in a new city, finding an affordable place to live is a major consideration. The top rated national moving companies in the US explain that finding a place with a low cost of living when home prices in the U.S. are surging high is very hard but not impossible.

As this pandemic has made many people change their home towns, to make it easy for you, we have come up with a list of the top best places to live in America that have low home prices.

Nashville, Tennessee

The job market of Nashville is flourishing and real estate is affordable. The city is full of entertainment and artists have an urge to live in the city. Healthcare, startups, research centers, and business accelerator programs are some of the common job providers in the city. You can find new built houses here at affordable rates.

Des Moines, Iowa

Des Moines is mostly attracting millennials and young families to make their homes here. Many locally-owned restaurants and hip bars are the city’s main attractions of the city. There are many insurance companies in the city including Wellmark Blue Cross Blue Shield and Allied insurance and they are providing many job opportunities.

Colorado Springs, Colorado

The culture and economy of Colorado Spring are majorly influenced by Military jobs but medical innovation and tech companies also provide several job opportunities. Low residential rates, good schools, cultural attractions, and parks are other major points that attract people to Colorado Springs.

Grand Rapids, Michigan

A good job market and affordable housing are two major attractions for young families and college students. Grand Rapids showcases many public art and recreational activities and also is home to breweries.

Fort Meyers, Florida

Fort Meyers is an attractive place that is liked by all age groups but is a favorite location for people after their retirement. The city has affordable housing prices with city highlights like downtown and Florida’s Gulf Coast. Water activities are like boating and fishing are famous activities of local people. Low-income tax rates in Florida are a big plus for lower real estate rates.

Columbus, Ohio

Columbus is one of the cheapest metro cities of its size in the country. The city has not only affordable housing but also is a hub for sports, music, and entertainment lovers. The football team of Ohio State University is very famous among city residents.

Greenville, South Carolina

Though Greenville is a small town, it has seen an upheaval of many businesses and restaurants. With emerging manufacturing jobs, Greenville is having plenty of job opportunities that are adding up to its economy. Housing rates and rents are very affordable that makes Greenville a good place to live in 2021.

Charleston, South Carolina

Charleston is full of entertainment and good food facilities and that is why tourism is blossoming in Charleston. Tourism is creating several job opportunities in the city and lower housing prices make it even better to start a life here.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania

Lancaster is a hybrid of farmland and busy city life. The dairy farming industry including companies like Kellogg’s and Mars is the main industry that uplifts the economy of the city. The city has a mixed culture and is very good for education. Low median home price makes the city an affordable place to live.

Omaha, Nebraska

A good blend of modern tech startups and a history in cattle ranching make Omaha a beautiful place. Median house rent and rates attract young professionals and even families. Some Fortune 500 companies have headquarters in Omaha including Union Pacific Railroad, Mutual of Omaha, and Mutual of Omaha. Along with affordable housing, safety and a good economy are other positives of the city.

Houston, Texas

Known for industries including oil and gas, aerospace, manufacturing, and healthcare, Houston is another good place to live for those who are looking for affordable real estate places.  The city is home to many 26 Fortune 500 companies. The city is also famous for its many cheap attractions and plenty of restaurants.

Boise, Idah

Boise is so beautiful that it is known as ‘A Recreationist’s Paradise’. With many job opportunities in the government tech agencies, Boise also is home to many students of Boise State University. Along with other job opportunities, Boise offers jobs in the tech and healthcare industries. The low house rent is the main attraction of the city.

Charlotte, North Carolina

The city has a blend of both old-fashioned people and high-energy cosmopolitan youngsters. The Bank of America has its headquarters in Charlotte making it one of the largest business hubs in the country. Affordable real estate rates and good job opportunities are two main reasons that many people are attracted to the city.

Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

Tech giants like Cisco Systems, IBM, and SAS Institute Inc., employ many residents of Raleigh-Durham. Duke, North Carolina State, and the University of North Carolina at Chapel are other big employers of the city. Along with a strong job market, real estate is also affordable here.

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