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Ceramic Tiles For The Home Interior

Ceramic tiles are firmly established in many apartment bathrooms and kitchens. Here it has no equal in terms of technical properties: low moisture absorption, chemical resistance, and ease of maintenance make ceramic tiles in bathrooms an ideal solution. But it cannot be said that his attack on residential interiors stopped there. Now this beautiful and durable material is increasingly found outside the usual premises: in the hallway, in the bedroom, living room, dining room, etc. Modern decorative tiles for the kitchen are firmly integrated into the interior design of the kitchen. This versatility was made possible not only by the various designs of modern tiles but also by the extraordinary practicality of this material.

In fact, modern tiles appear not only in their traditional form, but also have a variety of formats, textures, and all kinds of decorative elements. And the very name “ceramic” does not always reflect the true essence of the tile. Modern materials used during their manufacture are glass, crystal, metal shavings, gemstones, natural stone, high-tech materials, etc.

The Taste And The Color Ceramic Tiles

Increasingly, manufacturers of ceramic tiles try to please the tastes of their consumers and produce tiles that can easily replace any natural or artificial materials in the interior of the bathroom: wood, metal, stone, marble, etc. Combined with unique technical characteristics, these and many other characteristics of ceramic tiles allow them to capture more and more spaces in the interior.

Ceramic tiles were one of the first to feel the new romantic trends in world design and realized the departure from annoying minimalism. A riot of colors and decoration is now filling the ceramic industry. Glazed and embossed surfaces, mosaic panels, fabric patterns and other design delicacies do not overload the interior, but only provide more creative freedom for fans of ceramic wall tiles.

The latest collections of tiles from Spanish manufacturers reflect all the variety of styles and possible formats. Thanks to the achievements of the Spanish ceramic industry, almost all restrictions on the design of a variety of interiors in an individual style have disappeared.

Porcelain Tiles

The most technologically advanced ceramic creation is Porcelain tiles, which has become the ideal finish for almost any surface, interior and exterior. This “patient” material is every homemaker’s dream. Durable, wear-resistant: neither frost nor detergents are afraid of you. Modern Porcelain tiles can appear in the interior almost in the form of any natural material: be it marble, natural stone or parquet. The use of tiles of this type will make the interior sophisticated without hitting the owner’s pocket. Without losing exclusivity, Porcelain tiles is not capricious in care, like most natural materials, wood-like Porcelain tiles is more durable.

Ceramic Porcelain Tiles
High tech or classic?

Lovers of avant-garde in the interior will appreciate the ultra-modern collections of stone, concrete, and marble look glazed ceramic wall tiles. The latest ceramic design creations are increasingly striking for their originality. Ceramic tiles can transform any room. Are the bedroom walls made of snakeskin or crocodile skin? An elegant solution may well become reality with the latest collections of Spanish tiles that recreate this exotic pattern. Gold or rusty metal on the living room floor? The most daring can take advantage of the latest developments from glazed ceramic tile manufacturers, who are actively developing the theme of “metal”, just look at the original metal mosaic.

High tech or classic Ceramic Tiles?

However, the most practical is the classic style, and here ceramic tiles have unlimited creativity. Rustic ceramic tiles will fill the interior with warmth and comfort. This property makes “rustic” ceramic tiles the best option for dining rooms. In addition to the aesthetic properties, these tiles have a low moisture absorption, which guarantees easy and unpretentious maintenance.

Large Format Tiles

Increasingly, the fashion for certain ceramic wall tiles is determined precisely by their practical advantages. Large format wall tiles remain popular because they significantly expand the capabilities of the designer. The supply of Spanish factories in this area is surprising due to its diversity. The border format will be a nice addition to large tile sizes. Rectified tiles or tiles with a level edge create the effect of a continuous monolithic surface. Previously, this type of project could not be carried out with ceramic tiles due to the problem of joints between products. Sleek and durable flooring is now a reality.

Large Format Tiles Ceramic Tiles
Cleanliness, comfort and safety

Another unique property of ceramic tiles is that they are the perfect companion for underfloor heating. In addition, ceramic tiles serve as an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator, they are odorless and do not absorb others. As a fire retardant material, ceramic tiles reduce the risk in case of fire. not only does it not burn, but also protects the plated surface. This unique material is not conductive. Ceramic is not afraid of dirt and bacteria, because the tiles can be cleaned effortlessly with a minimal set of tools. In general, there are no more practical and comfortable wall and floor coverings. In addition to great artistic possibilities, ceramic tiles make your home more hygienic and comfortable.

It is not surprising that more and more consumers prefer ceramic wall tiles.

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