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Choosing quartz to modernize your Kitchen worktops

Modernizing your outdated kitchen worktops is a tedious task. The nimiety of materials, colours, and designs makes this task an all the more intricate job. Concrete, granite, stainless steel, wood- With a pool of options to choose from, how does one decide which is the most suitable one?

One preferable choice happens to be Quartz. This trending kitchen countertop choice withstands all possible flails. From unintended spills to accidental scratches, quartz is a resistant worktop material.

Unlike conventional options, quartz does not crack. In addition, quartz mimics the appearance of natural stone, and this makes it a desirable choice. They are easily maintainable, and cleaning them does not involve any sweat. Since it is a non-porous material, it promotes health and hygiene by being microbe-resistant.

The character that quartz adds to a basic kitchen, in addition to its longevity, makes it an option worth considering. Quartz is a moldable piece of material, and since it is formulated artificially by experts, the market is inundated with a variety of shades to choose from.

Thus, quartz can be created to complement any colour and design. Price Comparison Quartz might not be the cheapest amongst other availabilities, but it is an affordable kitchen top material.

Advantages of installing quartz worktops

The advantages of installing quartz worktops outweigh any other price factors. The average cost of quartz installation varies from 70 to 100 dollars per square foot. However, whether it will incline towards the upper or the lower limit depends upon the quality one wishes to buy.

In the case of a standard-sized kitchen remodelling comprises edge fabrication, sink cutout, seam joining, as well as removing the old countertops. The cumulative cost usually ranges from three to four thousand dollars.

It is always a better choice to be aware of the factors that affect the cost calculation so that one knows what they are paying for.

Cost-affecting factors

Type preferences depend upon a person’s taste. The plus point with quartz is that it offers patterns like no other countertop material does. It is tailor-made based upon your likes.


Comparing prices of different suppliers is always a good idea before making a purchase. Online prices vary substantially from the offline market since it is less likely to involve go-between.


Installation operators charge different rates based on the hours of labour required. They might charge a few extra dollars if the layout is unique and needs trimming to fit around an electrical fixture or a similar architectural unit.

Usually, the quoted cost does not include installation charges, and the complexity of the kitchen layout can cause a significant disturbance in the budgeting process.


Every countertop is not the same. Quartz countertops fall into three varieties- Low, Middle, and High. The price increases with the class, and so does the lifetime. The difference in price can be attributed to the resin used, the tools involved in the manufacturing process as well as the warranty of the material.

Specifications and customization

People these days want their homes to look the best and reflect their personalities & vibes. The edges, shape, and texture can be individualized, but these types of personalizations significantly influence the price of worktops.

Expertise of workers:

Quartz is not a seamless material, and hence, it is available in the form of slabs. A skilled installer with sufficient experience installs quartz in a way where a minimal number of seams are visible. Thus, precision affects the budget and estimate.

Quick Estimation and Budget Allocation Here is the quartz worktop price calculator to ease your work:

Space measurement:

The first and foremost step involves accurately measuring the space that needs to be renovated. It is quite essential to convert these numbers into the desired unit (here, foot) to correctly estimate the quartz worktop cost.


Arrive at an overall total by adding the configuration space for all the subunits. Multiply the size of the area with the cost per foot, depending upon the quality and category of quartz you wish to install.

Before proceeding with the purchase, one must be thorough with all the details and research extensively. Though standard costs are inevitable, yet there are several ways of saving on expenditure when remodelling the kitchen. Here are the three easy ones!

Go for solid colours:

It is better to choose plain & simple designs and shades that go with the cabinets and compartments. They not only cut down the additional costs but also add an elite look to your regular kitchen.

Man-made alternatives cost significantly less than the natural occurrences. That is why- quartz worktops are reliable.

Minimize cuts and knife actions

Lay out the top in such a way that it comprises of lesser knife activity & manual work. This plan of action substantially cuts down the extra dollars attributed to labour.

Most people pay additional costs without even realizing they have done so. Lack of knowledge and “buy now” specials trigger them to take the very first quoted offer. But, modernizing a home can be a lengthy and consuming task.

Therefore, cost comparison can not be neglected. Majority of the family men get ripped off because they never consider getting another estimate (thanks to the new marketing strategies).

As an expert may claim- One should be open to at least three different proposals before making up the mind to go for one. Believe it or not, comparison shopping is intrinsically beneficial.

Choosing quartz to modernize your Kitchen worktops


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