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Creating outdoor space for house extensions

As much as we all love to cozy up inside on a comfortable sofa, it’s outdoor space that is the true sanctuary and retreat. The backyard has become a natural extension of our living rooms and it can be as comfortable and inviting as the indoors with the additional perk of having nature and fresh air.

With a great entertaining spot, storage shed to hide all the extra stuff, lots of seating and the elements of fire and water, you’ll have completed the picture of an ideal outdoor family space.

 Outdoor entertainment space

Every great outdoor entertainment space needs a central spot that brings everyone together so start with a long table that can accommodate your family members and closest friends. Alfresco dining gives a special vibe to every celebration and with an outdoor kitchen and a bar, your stylish parties can begin!

Choose an eye-catching natural stone or tile design for the patio and hang romantic string lights over the bar area. With a few tiki torches, lanterns and bamboo details, you can enjoy your tropical stay cation anytime.

For a touch of luxury and a resort-like feel, you can build an outdoor clubhouse with a straw roof, built-in sofas, soft and airy white curtains, and elegant pendant lights. 

Additional outside storage

For a big family, there’s never enough storage and when the house gets tight, take it outside! Some homeowners choose to build a garden structure that serves a guest getaway but most people opt for a classic backyard shed that can have multiple functions: for some, it’s a tool shed and a workshop, for artistic souls an art studio and for others, much-needed functional storage.

One idea that might work perfectly is setting up a laundry shed with plenty of open shelving with baskets and containers for all the supplies your family needs and the efficient washing machines that take care of your clothes neatly tucked away out of sight from the main house. Building such a shed can be given to the professionals but it might also be a DIY project if you have a pre-fabricated shed ordered and delivered.

Upgraded seating

You can never have too much seating in your backyard and by providing different types of sofas, benches, bistro chairs, cushions and hammocks, your guests will always feel welcome and relaxed. This will also give you the opportunity to play with proportion, scale, materials, and colors which will add a tone of interest and vibrancy to space.

For the hot summer afternoons, you need to consider providing appropriate shading so a pergola might be an ideal choice and it’s also a great little DIY project that will give some definition to your yard. Or you might opt for a more romantic gazebo to grace your backyard with its elegant presence and make a perfect setting for family celebrations.

Creative elements

You can go really creative if your backyard space allows it. For instance, set up a beautiful garden log cabin in your own backyard – it has better insulation than tents or sheds and it can make a great guest house, a relaxing retreat or a playroom for the kids. It’s less permanent than an actual building but still a great place for hanging out when the weather gets cooler.

If you have trees in your backyard, why not make your childhood dream come true and build a treehouse? It’s an ambitious project that might take more than a couple of weeks but in the end, your kids will get the ultimate hideout and you’ll get to see them create their own memories that will last a lifetime!

Fire and water features

Water is one of the most soothing natural elements and by adding a water feature to your outdoor space, you’ll create a truly serene and relaxing space. There are many ways you can incorporate water into your backyard design, from a small waterfall fuelled by the rainwater from the spout, a scenic stone and rock fountain inspired by old historic structures in Provence to a tiny fish pond that can be tastefully complemented with waterlilies. 

Fire is another natural element that can add a spark to your outdoor space, making it a warm place to hang out during cooler weather. You might pick a fire pit surrounded with deck chairs as a gathering spot for family and friends or a freestanding chimney that will heat and illuminate your backyard parties way past Labour Day.

Designing a beautiful backyard space for your family doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune. With a few good ideas, a little creativity and effort, you can have a gorgeous and inviting outdoor space where you can spend quality time with your family creating lasting memories.


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