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Designing a new home? 10 things to consider

More people than ever before are choosing to design and build their own home. It’s cost effective and also gives the ability to create a home with no compromises. Following are 10 factors you must consider if you are going down the route of designing a new home, so let’s start with the very first step.

Find the Right Professionals

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The best new home design will be one create with the aid of qualified and experienced professionals. You need to find a builder and architect to take your ideas and turn them first into working drawings and then into a house. Many builders work with the same architect often and they will know each other well. This is an important decision so talk a few about your ideas.

Find the Right Land

If you are looking for land, make sure you do so with the help of an agent who can secure land that is suitable. If you already have land you plan to use it is prudent to consult your neigbours to be as they have a right to know what you plan to build. Often, they will be in favour of a building occupying land that has been standing derelict or empty but sometimes they may have concerns they wish to raise with you, and these can be dealt with at an early stage.

Get Planning Permission

If you do not have the right planning permission for a building you erect you will be required by law to take it down. This point is that simple: before you build, get permission for the building as it will be.

Decide Your Floorplan

Now is time to work n your floorplan. You will have an idea of how many rooms you want on each level, how many bathrooms, bedrooms and so on, and the orientation of the house relevant to the land. The architect will work with you to achieve your dream as much as possible and they and the builder will be able to spot any impracticalities early on and suggest alternatives.

Traditional or Modular?

You may want to have a look at the option of modular builds over the traditional custom home method. Modular is where a home is built in sections at a factory away from the site. The sections are then transported to the building site and put together one by one. This method saves time and money but might limit your floorplan options.

Who do You Overlook?

Back to your neighbours again and there are certain regulations about overlooking other people’s property.

Design In Access

This one needs just a few words: don’t forget pedestrian and vehicle access when designing your floorplan and plot. You might need to talk to the planning committee about your new access points.

In-Built Security

Along with your electrical and plumbing systems which are installed when the build is underway you should also consider building into the fabric a security system that is an integral part of the house. This may save you a great deal of money later on.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient homes are not just kinder to the environment, they also cost less to run. Make sure your new build is optimized for efficiency in all possible areas including energy usage and insulation.

Keep Within Your Budget

Finally, you are building your own to save money so set a budget and stick to it. Make sure everything is carefully costed and then add a 10% – a least – additional amount to deal with problems as believe us when we say no new build custom homes will go 100% without obstacles.

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