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Essential Steps Of A Property Refurbishment

Turning your house into the home of your dreams is not easy. From setting renovation goals to getting quality material, hiring the right contractors, and carefully investing money, it takes a whole lot of time, energy, and sweat. And no matter how big or small your renovation plan is, it would require a good amount of attention to all the details.

However, to make this a little less hectic, you can rely on us as property refurbishment with GBG builders will make it easy and straightforward to renovate your place according to your preferences.

We’ve rounded up a helpful renovation guide for you to start things on the right foot. Follow this checklist to ensure you don’t forget anything while you’re planning your property refurbishment.


Create A Design For Your House Refurbishment:

Ask yourself what changes you want to see in your property? Do you want extensions that can easily blend with your existing property? Or dramatically change the exterior of it? Focus on every single thing, including the lighting.

Also, think about the overall look of the house. Do you want a modern look, or would you rather prefer a classic touch? Don’t just think about one room at a time, but how the whole place will look once your refurbishment is completed.


Analyze How Much Value Will It Add To Your Property:

You may not plan to sell your property immediately, but it’s still good to consider how much value the refurbishment will add to it. The correct lighting, good quality material, neutral-toned bench tops usually appeal to the buyer. If you choose property refurbishment services with GBG Builders then you can rest assured as our company makes use of top-notch quality of products, adding significant value to your property.


Check For Renovation Restrictions:

Before you start, keep in mind that most of the time, the extensions in the property and sometimes renovations require permission from the authorities. Your local council can help you know if you need any approval or listed building consent and help you gain fast-tracked approval.


Do The Financial Prep:

Now it’s time to sit down and calculate how much cost you would need for the entire refurbishment. Besides the money required for the project, don’t forget to consider other factors as well. For example, if you have to rent out a place temporarily, the cost of storage and council permits, and the professional help you will need.


Get A Couple Of Estimates:

Once you have your budget set, you need to get an estimate from at least three different builders. Along with the cost, ask each builder how much time would they take to complete the job. Also, many builders have project-managers as well. So when you ask for quotes, ask the builder if they have this service or would you need to hire a separate project manager.


Only Hire The Best:

Before you say yes to the Builder, ask for a reference. Also, visit the sites they have previously worked on. A professional builder will take the hard work and risk out of your project, giving you the house exactly you dreamed of.

However, we assure you, your property refurbishment with GBG Builders will be nothing less than a blessing. Our professional team of experts will always make you feel comfortable and confident in the skills they possess. Be it helping you out with the house design, getting the paperwork done, or hiring an expert; we will handle everything and spare you from some headaches.


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