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The kitchen is one if not the most important rooms in any home in order for it to function effectively. It is truly the heart of the home, everyone wants a beautiful, functional place where the family can gather and enjoy one another’s company.  Kitchens have become places where an array of activities takes place apart from the traditional cooking. The society has also evolved to a point where man is more attracted to things that will assure them of comfort, tranquility, efficiency, affordability and also style.

This has informed the move by home owners to look for property that comes with a fitted kitchen. This is the type of kitchen that has furniture and appliances fitted into the walls of the room. Furniture may range from cupboards, storage shelves where one can store their food items or pans, customized counter tops and cabinets designed to enclose appliances.

The kitchen remodel project is always near the top of the priority list to make one’s house the home they always dreamed of having, and has one of the highest returns on investment an individual will ever make on their home. There are many things to consider as the home owner formulates their plans.

Every piece in a fitted kitchen is carefully selected and specifically positioned to make sure that everything blends in perfectly. Each kitchen has been built and designed to fit individual needs. The size of the family and their budget is taken into consideration by architects when designing a home.


We need to look beyond beautiful kitchen furnishings that are ephemeral and focus on durable furnishings that will give the cookroom the endearing effect. The quality of a fitted kitchen thus does matter considering the fact that one does not want to be constantly spending on maintenance or repair.


Tangible and intangible considerations of space planning are very important. Substantial considerations are to be taken when it comes to space and your kitchen. They may be lifestyle requirements, building regulations, kitchen standards and most importantly, your budget. All the space in the kitchen can be organized to meet the needs of modern life from concealed pull out pantries to open drawers. Everything can be carefully organized to conveniently maximize practicality.


When one is budgeting for a new kitchen for their home or if they are renovation their old one, they should choose one that fits within their budget. Most people think that the most expensive is always the best. However this is not always true. Less expensive kitchens may do as long as one looks for quality products. Sometimes it is not a requirement to buy a whole fitted kitchen. What one can do is replace the old items one at a time ensuring that they blend in with one another to bring about uniformity. A costly bespoke design will give you flexibility for pieces to match your specification, but cheaper units work just as well providing they’re installed properly. One should also remember that apart from buying the kitchen, they are also to pay for the installation of the same in their homes.


Every manufacture has designs that are unique to them. However, there are generally three types of design which one can say is standard for all of them. These are modern and classic or country depending on what the supplier calls them. Whichever design one chooses, it should be able to be in sync with the rest of the home to bring out a uniformed theme.

Buying fitted kitchens has its share of challenges which can be overcome if one takes all precaution when doing a transaction.

When delivered goods are damaged.

This may occur during the transportation of the kitchen from the supplier’s stores to your home. They may also be damaged straight from the stores meaning that the supplier did not take into consideration the quality of the goods they were delivering. In such situations the customer is advised to get a refund or a change of goods that meet their needs.

If the fitted kitchen has not been fitted correctly, it is their right to ask the architect or the designer to make changes which will in turn give the customer what they had originally desired when designing the kitchen.

There are homes which don’t have walls that are strong enough for a kitchen to be fitted into. All is not lost. Free standing Kitchen is the sole option for walls that are not strong enough to withstand the pressure of a fitted kitchen and those which are not perfectly straight. The type of units is for people who do not want to be restricted to one look, and be compelled to endure it for many years. The units are not stuck to the wall, so it is easy to access behind and beneath the units if one needs to clean.

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