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How a modern office should look like

The role of the office in the work of any modern company cannot be overestimated. The same premises can become both a guarantee of stable development for one business and be the cause of ruin for another. Unfortunately, many entrepreneurs, especially beginners, make serious mistakes when choosing premises. Let’s figure out how to choose an office so that the benefits of renting it fully compensate for the costs of its maintenance.

Today you can rent an office anywhere in the world – you can find suitable offices in Chicago, Paris, London, Hong Kong, or anywhere else. The main thing is to have a list of things to pay attention to when renting.

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The first thing to be clearly understood is the purpose of the modern office. So, what exactly can the office be used for:

  • for the work of employees who constantly interact with the company’s customers;
  • for the operation of the company’s support service (in the format of a call center, for remote placement of technical specialists or backup jobs);
  • to organize negotiations, seminars, training, conferences, and other events;
  • to accommodate the management team of the company;
  • to obtain a legal address.

Understanding the purpose, it is much easier to correctly determine the criteria for choosing an office space.


Location can be considered one of the most important factors when choosing a modern office. The rental rate depends entirely on where the premises are located.

The office should be located in a prestigious business center or a separate building in the city center. The main criterion for choosing a room in this case is status.

An office to host a help desk or backup jobs may well be located on the periphery. The main thing is a sufficient area and adequate transport accessibility so that employees can easily get to the workplace.

The office for interaction with clients should be located within walking distance from the metro station, preferably in the city center. When choosing a location, you need to take into account both the territorial distribution of potential customers and the location of competitors’ offices.

The office for events should also have good transport accessibility and a convenient location in the center.

The office for obtaining a legal address can be located in any area.

Transport accessibility and convenient location are the main things to consider when choosing a room where you will receive clients, and partners, hold negotiations, and other events. No one wants to spend half a day getting to your office.


Of course, each company may have a different budget for renting a modern office, so it is impossible to give universal advice here. We can only identify the main factors that affect the price:

  • Location and transport accessibility. The closer to the city center and transport infrastructure, the more expensive.
  • As a rule, renting a spacious room in terms of 1 sq. m is cheaper than renting a small office.
  • Offices with good finishes will cost more than those that require major repairs. However, the price difference can be compensated by the so-called rental holidays for the duration of the repair.
  • Infrastructure and additional services: parking, security, internet access, conference equipment, etc.

Repair status

The requirements for the condition of the premises, of course, are dictated by all the same goals that you set for the office. A call center or technical support service can be placed in a room with inexpensive redecoration. And the top management of a large company simply must be located in an office with expensive and high-quality finishes.

It makes sense to rent renovated offices if the corporate style of the company does not impose special requirements on the interior. For the rest, it makes sense not to focus on finishing.


Every employer is obliged to provide at least a minimum level of service and convenience for their employees. Your employees will be grateful for access to the following infrastructure:

  • Canteen, inexpensive cafe, or at least a supermarket within walking distance from the office. Not many people are used to taking meals from home, so an affordable catering facility will be a big advantage.
  • The ideal option is an office located 5-10 minutes walk from the metro station or public transport stops, or delivery throughout the day.
  • Bank within walking distance.


What theoretically can the owner of the premises or management company offers, in addition to the walls:

  • Office furniture sets;
  • Telephony and Internet access;
  • Equipment for conferences and video communications (projectors, screens, speakers, and microphones);
  • Security of the facility, including video surveillance systems;
  • Cleaning service;
  • Limited access to the office (access control);
  • Catering;
  • Maintenance (electrical, engineering communications);
  • Fire safety systems (alarm systems, automatic fire extinguishing systems, etc.);
  • Delivery of corporate correspondence, etc.

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Technical equipment

Depending on the specifics of the company’s activities, attention should also be paid to the following parameters:

  • Maximum power of electricity;
  • Water supply and sanitation;
  • Fire protection systems;
  • The maximum allowable load on the floors.


As it becomes clear, when choosing an office space, it is necessary to foresee a lot of nuances. Taking into account the extreme diversity of the real estate market, the best solution is to contact the company that will help you in renting. Experienced professionals will help you choose the best space for your requirements and the specifics of your business.

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