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Interior Design Tricks That No Longer Work

The ability to summon a living space that radiates beauty and sophistication is why interior design is popular today. A professional designer must acquire technical education on multiple relevant concepts to transform spaces to accommodate people best. Also, this is further supplemented by experiences gained through years of practice and hard work. However, despite that, eventual mistakes are inevitably made. Sometimes, the known tricks of the trade are somewhat obsolete to today’s modern trends and client preferences. So, to prevent designers from repeating these mistakes, we enumerate them here.

Arrangement of Accessories

Ever experienced holding on to a home decoration that had been passed down as a family heirloom? Though the sentimental intention is notable, it must be able to accentuate the desired theme you are gunning for. It can also affect how rooms are designed since its results never truly are what you wanted. Maybe it’s time to tuck away those treasured porcelain figurines grandma used to scatter around the house and replace them with design pieces you love. Not only does it reflect your personality, but it also gives a fresh new perspective to your overall home design.

Hanging Art Pieces

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Art gives off a stunning and striking accent to a home’s interior. However, designers refrain from putting up a large portrait on a wall since it may radiate a rather intimidating feel. But to place a small art piece could look silly inside a big room area. Using art pieces as a room décor is a good way to go, but care should be taken regarding what scale to use. Experimenting with placement and searching for that balance will surely give off that sense of sophistication.

Form Over Function

A common mistake in interior design is focusing on form rather than functionality. In principle, the outer aesthetics of an object should generate an intended purpose of use as well. Both form and function work hand in hand in interior design. As mentioned, it is easy to lay astray from the principle of form and function. Thus, it is important not to sacrifice functionality over aesthetic beauty in formulating a house’s overall interior.

Rug Placement


A rug is an important element in decorating a room. It can significantly uplift an entire room with its mere placement. It is quite easy to pick a rug that does not fit your design purpose. From choosing a rather messy design to picking out a small one, the choice of rugs should be carefully thought out. Always bear in mind that placing rugs that are of the correct size is very important. As a general rule, rugs should come under the front half of every furniture piece resting in the living room.

Interior Design Courses

Home improvement enthusiasts should invest in enrolling in interior design courses. They offer a wide range of concepts and principles that are very useful in individual practice. Up-to-date and modern design concepts are featured, highlighted, and presented by world-renowned interior designers. All the essential elements will be discussed as well as certain tips and tricks that can be used to fully unleash the design potential of your home’s interior are presented. Investing in interior design courses is a surefire way to up your home designing skills.

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