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Hottest new Kitchen Remodeling Trends For 2020

Kitchen roles have significantly changed from the past century and new kitchen remodeling trends can attest to this. Once upon a time, kitchens had only one purpose – to bring hungry people together.

Kitchen remodeling trends for 2020 indicate open concept homes are in, and your kitchen is not only the place where you prepare food but a hot social spot, as well.

Simply said, your kitchen serves a multipurpose room. Therefore, it’s essential to keep your kitchen design up to date and follow-up on recent trends.

Yes, kitchen remodeling is expensive and can cost you up to $20,000. However, with hard planning and some great ideas, you can spend less and get more.

Check the hot kitchen trend on how to remodel your eating space in 2020.
Mix and Match Lighting

Light can do wonders for your home space, including the kitchen. You need good light so you can keep kitchen counters stainless, but yet smooth enough to have friends over for a cocktail party.

So, how to choose between a chandelier or modern-looking pendants?

Well, 2020 kitchen trends tell us to take both. Now, light isn’t only practical, but also a decorative element, so feel free to mix a bit. Plus, if you are an artsy soul, you can use lighting to make a stylish appearance.

Unusual Shapes

Having everything in the line is boring. In 2020 you are free to experiment with different shapes. Straight lines on walls are a matter of the past.

Feel free to incorporate unexpected elements: have round kitchen elements, including curves where possible, place unusually shaped kitchen appliances, and put unique details.

Pro tip: If you are passionate about the unusually shaped kitchen style, but you still want to play it safe, try U-Shaped kitchen.

Glass Kitchen Backsplashes

Glass backsplash is a must in 2020. This item is so effective on the eye that you change the entire kitchen look with a single print.

Moreover, glass backsplash will keep your kitchen protected and walls dry. They are also super-easy to clean and maintain. The best thing about backslash is that sky’s the limit when it comes to design.

Write down your glass backsplash ideas, choose the one that suits your personality, and your kitchen. Plus, if you get tired of one backsplash scenery, you can easily replace it.
Wood Cabinets
Natural materials are always in, and trends in 2020 want as much natural material as possible.

Use natural texture to change the space in your kitchen, and use different wood with various finishing touches.

If you love the more rural style, you can include iron hardware with wood. This is an excellent way to create an antique look.

Plus, wood gives that summer vibe so that you will have more natural light.

Pro tip: Install wood cabinets and complete the entire space with seasonal flowers.
The Breakfast Bar

When it comes to interior design elements, you should consider having a breakfast bar in your kitchen, if you don’t have one already.

Having a breakfast bar tells two things: that you care about your nutrition, and you are a practical person with a strong sense of comfort.

This trend was the culmination of the evolution of two furniture pieces: the dining table (later a breakfast nook) and the kitchen island – the breakfast bar has it all.
Short List of Hottest Kitchen Remodeling Trends For 2020
With so many kitchen trends in 2020, it may be not easy to track the most important ones.

To make it easier, we have gathered the short and ultimate list of the hottest kitchen trends that can enhance your space, be budget-friendly, and help you increase your home value if needed.

Mix-and-Match Lighting
Colorful Ranges
Custom Storage Solutions
Integrated Appliances
Warm-toned kitchens
Colorful window frames
Lamps in the kitchen
Shaker kitchen cabinets
Monochrome color selection
Open shelving


  1. Great share! I hope it will help readers looking for new and unique kitchen ideas! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I was interested in the part of your article that talked about how effective a glass backsplash is in changing the look of a kitchen. This description makes me realize that aside from the other appliances and fixtures in my kitchen, there isn’t a lot there that adds to the overall decor and style of the entire room. If I can find a kitchen remodeling contractor in the area, I’ll make sure that the first thing I talk about with them is a good backsplash.

  3. I like your suggestion to use different types and textures of wood to bring a natural feel to a kitchen. my husband and I are planning to work with a renovation contractor to improve the style and function of our small kitchen, hopefully within the next couple of months. Thanks for sharing these design ideas we can keep in mind to ensure the finished kitchen has the look we want!


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