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The Benefits of Installing Gasketed Access Panels

If you are on the fence about choosing an access panel, you might consider choosing the ones with gaskets. There is not much difference between them from your standard or general-purpose access panels but having a gasketed version will bring you additional benefits. Want to know the difference? Here are some insights on gasketed access panels and the benefits they give with their extra features.        

What is a Gasketed Access Panel?    

These are access panels or doors you can install in locations where you will find the vital components of your commercial building. Some essential elements include plumbing, electrical wiring, heavy machinery, and control valves. There are many types of access doors available in the market, but this is different because of the gaskets that come with the design that protect your vital components from water and air infiltration.    

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You can choose what type of gasket you want in your access panels, as they can introduce various benefits to your property. The standard gasketed access panels will prevent air and water from passing through any type of gaps in the door. You can also choose one with a neoprene gasket with insulation to lessen the noise that enters and comes out.    

Where is it Usually Needed?    

Now that you know what makes these access panels slightly different from other types of access doors in the market, you would not want to see where these are perfect. There are a lot of commercial buildings, according to building codes, that require these types of doors.    

The gasketed access panels are helpful in cleanrooms, which is why you can often find them in hospitals, laboratories, or clinics. You can easily install these access panels on ceilings and walls, which are very convenient and safer than standard doors. Although their qualities often make them perfect for cleanrooms, it does not mean you cannot install them in offices and other locations that you think can benefit from their features.    

Benefits Of Having a Gasketed Access Panel    

Reading the things above might already give you an idea of just how beneficial having these panels are. Of course, you do not have to be operating a clinic or have a hospital for these types of access panels to be beneficial for you. Here are some of the main benefits of installing access panels with gaskets in your building:    

  1. Security: You would feel very secure if you installed these access doors, especially for your plumbing systems or wiring. They can keep air and even water out, which is a must to avoid any water damage to your walls or starting a fire because of wet wires.    
  2. Insulation: Another additional benefit would be the insulation with these access panels. Because of their airtight quality, you can be sure that the temperature will be under control, as well as the air pressure, which is why these doors are perfect for operating rooms. 
  1. Soundproofing: You can look forward to a different quality when installing these types of access doors. Because of its built-in insulation and tight design, you can limit the amount of noise that travels through it, making the room quieter and more relaxing.    

If you plan to install access doors in your commercial establishment, consider choosing the ones with gaskets. You will still benefit from a standard access door and more! Any retail space can use the added safety and protective features of a gasketed access panel. The next time you look for access doors for your commercial space, consider the benefits and additional features a gasketed one can offer.   

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