What is a gabion basket?

A gabion basket is a rectangular basket made of galvanized wire. When gabions are used as erosion tools, the baskets are filled with stones. They are then placed on a slope to act as semi-flexible building blocks. Erosion control specialists may also recommend planting trees and other vegetation in the baskets to stabilize them. Installing plants and trees into gabion baskets will also reduce runoff.

Gabions, also known as gabion boxes, hexagonal gabion wire mesh, are made of corrosion-resistant, high-strength, ductile galvanized wire or PVC-coated wire that is mechanically woven. The wire material is zinc 5% aluminum alloy (galfan), mild steel, stainless steel or iron. The gabion mattress is similar to the gabion basket. However, the gabion mattress has a lower height than the gabion basket and a large flat structure. Gabion baskets and gabion mats are stone containers, uniformly separated into internal units, interconnected with other containers and filled with stone in the field to form flexible, permeable monolithic structures to control and direct water or flooding, protect dams or seawalls, or used as baffle walls, channel liners and other applications.

How do gabion baskets help mitigate the risk of erosion?

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Gabion baskets are a useful tool to help resist erosion because they minimize the impact of flowing water. Because of their simple design, erosion control specialists can use them in a variety of ways. Gabion baskets are used for.

– As retaining walls on steep slopes
– Reinforcing embankments in narrow channels
– Altering water flow to better protect eroding portions of the channel

These baskets are also a practical option during construction. Because the baskets are filled with rocks, it is relatively easy to transport them from site to site. Those concerned about erosion during construction projects would do well to consider this low-cost investment that can be used for multiple projects.

We have many other options for structure, stability and decoration, but gabions are often preferred because they offer a powerful combination of features that other methods cannot provide. The key thing to remember about gabion, and why they are so popular in the non-engineering world, is that they are semi-cheap, semi-permanent and semi-simple.

Advantages of gabion baskets

1. Durability

Gabion has a very high resistance to atmospheric corrosion because the zinc coating on the wire binds well and supports vegetation growth.

2. Flexibility

This feature allows gabion to settle and deform without failure and loss of efficiency. Specifically, when encountering unstable ground and flowing water.

3. Permeability

It provides automatic and simple drainage without the need to install drainage pipes.

4. Strength

The strength of gabion mesh lies in its ability to resist floods, flash floods and ice and soil pressure.

5. Economy

It is more economical in terms of materials and labor compared to other gabion alternatives.

6. Environmentally friendly

Recycled materials can be placed in the gabion cage. The soil gaps between the fill materials allow plantations to grow over time. Gabion elements are not affected by natural phenomena.

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