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Choosing the right construction excavators in Africa

Choosing construction excavators in Africa can be a dounting task especially if you are a first time contractor in the continent.

Contractors are in scramble to get a piece of the growing market and no doubt your track record will make you earn or lose it.

The construction world has been one of the hardest hit industries since the effects of the recession with business withdrawing investments in developments, renovations and new builds.

Choosing the righty construction excavators in Africa can give you an upperhand as far as completion of the project is concerned.

Having written many articles about construction industry in Africa we’ve teamed up with many companies that manufacture and sell excavators we have information that will help you decide which excavators and mini diggers to choose for the right job.

Excavation work is no easy feat and can be hard work and time-consuming. The following are examples of excavators that are commonly in use in the construction industry today.

Compact Excavators
Compact construction excavators are the most used in domestic and small residential projects, they are also known as the mini diggers which have the ability to be deployed in a range of environments and easy to handle.
Using them in small projects will save you time, use less effort and labor hours , most small contractors in Africa prefer them because they simple and easy to operate and readily available in many outlets across Africa.

Crawler Excavator
Crawler excavators sit on a chain wheel system around two endless tracks. Also known as caterpillar tracks, its ‘spreaded’ support make it mobile in boggy and hilly environments. This eliminates the risk of sliding or unsupported machinery when dealing which heavy loads and lifting

Wheel Excavator
Less common excavators, wheeled excavators are most effective on plain and grounded operations are often quicker across the ground than their crawler counterparts. Its wheels are not suited for use in hilly areas but which a variety of accessories, a number of tasks can be carried out.

Dragline Excavators
Used in civil engineer and frequently in mining, dragline excavators feature a much longer arm and are of a much larger size than the above. Large buckets and hoists can be attached helping support a number of lifting and loading requirements on-site, but they do require large areas to manoeuvre in.
Identifying which excavator and indeed which equipment will enhance your skill set and services now will ensure that you can have a productive and prosperous 2014.


  1. I appreciate you providing us with examples of excavators that are commonly used in the construction industry. It’s best to hire a compact excavator for the extra patch of land near our farm. We’re planning to turn it into a stable for our horses. Thanks for the helpful information regarding excavation!


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