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10 Habits that Set Apart Great Managers from Just Managers

Construction Industry is one which involves a number of people working towards a specific goal at any given time. As such, Construction Managers must at least have some of these traits in order to understand the environment they are working in and also contextualize it to maximize productivity.

Be Informed

Managers should possess basic understanding of the tasks which they assign their employees to accomplish. This not only benefits them in knowing what to expect and what is practical but also gives the employees a sense of challenge and drive to achieve the objectives. Managers should have complete mastery of what the employees should do, what they need to do the tasks and how to do it. This way, most employees find their job well cut out for them and are motivated to work.

Full of Energy

Management is basically putting oneself to be emulated. For this reason, projecting a lackluster, disinterested or just a plain mood doesn’t give your construction workers any vim to achieve the day’s purpose. Great managers deliberately wake up motivated and the energy contagiously passed to their employees.


Construction Managers are often faced with strict deadlines that may compel them to push their employees without giving much interest to their well-being. However, exceptional managers have great knowledge of the teams they head and their capabilities. Additionally, they provide incentives to the workers after strenuous activities, leaving the manager happy of completed work on time and employees feeling well-taken care of.

Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Managers in Construction in the Industry must possess a high EQ inasmuch as a great Intelligence Quotient is also pivotal. This way, they become more alive to the feelings of their staff, their roles, and challenges and how they feel about the organization. This ability enables the managers connect with their staff and relate well to achieve intended administrative purposes.

Understand Technology

In this age and era of automation and technology, any manager worth their salt has to embrace technology as an enabler in the Construction Industry. This does not mean that all managers should be experts in Coding but they should at least have a basic understanding of the role of technology in the developing world and how they can tap into it to increase employee productivity and performance.

Pursues Excellence

Great managers pursue excellence in all they do. This drives them to ignite the excellence in the entire team they are leading resulting into a win-win situation. When the manager motivates the workers to achieve their full potential, the end result is great work done and a motivated team, which is good for business.

Exhibits Leadership

Apt construction managers follow from the front. They have a clear idea of where the organization is and should be and direct the employees, harnessing their individual potentials and also encouraging team-work to allow for cohesiveness and a sense of belonging. Employees who value each other tend to pull in one direction leading to organizational success.

Love their Job

Managers who love their job easily stand out from the rest who are not passionate or for some do not just enjoy what they do. The love for the job motivates the other staff to give their best towards the tasks assigned as this also encourages staff to be as smart as their leader. To be a great manager, loving your job is not debatable.

Maintain Focus

Research shows that most small businesses fail due to lack of prioritization. However, it is noteworthy that exceptional managers maintain their focus over longer periods of time than their inferior counterparts. To become a better manager you have to be ruthlessly focused on specific core tasks before moving to others. Otherwise, you will end up running indifferent direction achieving nothing.

Celebrate Achievement

Great Managers understand the energy time and passion dedicated to achieve tasks. For this reason they are not shy in celebrating the organization’s achievements and recognizing the staff for their contribution. Managers must therefore learn to celebrate achievement as this encourages the employees to replicate the trend.

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Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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