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3 tips for retaining your employees: keep skilled construction workers

The construction industry often presents many challenges. One of those challenges is not only finding talented and trustworthy workers but also retaining them. This begs the question; how can you find and retain quality construction employees? Well, here are three effective tips for retaining your employees:

Train Them Well

Training your employees will ultimately save your company time and money. This sounds like a simple solution but is much easier said than done. Start by having written policies, giving your employees the opportunity to ask questions, and creating space for your employees to provide recommendations.

Too many businesses want to send their employees out into the field without preparing them for the job. If you want your company to be represented well, then you need to pay close attention to the loopholes and categorically offer solutions.

Another great way to keep communication consistent is to bring your team together for both project and company meetings. This will show them your expectations while helping to minimize miscommunications.  Communication through a monthly company newsletter also keeps all employees aware of the happenings within the company.

Make sure you give them the tools to be effective employees for both you and your client’s benefit. Having systems in place that can make them more productive creates value for your firm and clients while at the same time making the employee feel like they are adding value to your projects.

Pay Them Well

This is one of the vital tips for retaining your employees. While it may be tempting to pass on this one to cut overhead costs, you need to realize the value of your company and the impact of being well represented. You may initially hire a great employee but not retain them if they’re working long hours in uncomfortable conditions, and they are not compensated fairly for a job well done. A good employee will develop over time, so you have an incentive to hold onto the good ones.

Treat Them Well

Let’s be honest, oftentimes construction employees head into less than favorable conditions just to earn a living. A little understanding for your employees goes a long way. Yes, you are running a business with deadlines, but don’t sacrifice your employees’ loyalty just to beat the clock. These are people with families and lives, and by treating them well, your employees will return the favor.

Give occasional benefits even if it’s just a small gesture, little things can go a long way. Get creative; there are great ways to show appreciation for the high-quality job that your employees do on a daily basis.

In summary, your employees are part of your investment and retaining them doesn’t have to be complicated; it’s all about keeping their interests in mind. By merely training, paying, and treating your staff well, you will eventually maintain a great reputation for your company


Dennis Ayemba
Country/ Features Editor, Kenya


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