4 Interesting and Unusual Breweries Around the USA (Plus How to Start Your Own Brewery)

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One of the most important things for those who want to make their breweries stand out is to ensure that they make amazing beer. This is obvious. However, this is not the only thing that people look at when deciding whether to visit your brewery or not.

They look at many other things, not just the beer. Some people also look at the food you offer, while others might be interested in having fun or spending time in a brewery with amazing scenery.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the most interesting and unusual breweries constructed around the USA. We will also talk about a few tips for those who want to start their own breweries.

4 Interesting and Unusual Breweries Around the USA

Hill Farmstead

Multiple publications have listed Hill Farmstead as the best brewery in the world. This is because of the beauty it offers in a secluded location. The brewery was constructed by the Hill family on their property in Greensboro, Vermont.

Unfortunately, it gets too much traffic, something that it is not designed for. You will find yourself navigating through different backroads before emerging on an open space. This space stretches for as far as your eyes can see. The beauty of this brewery will keep you going back for more.

Stone Brewery

Most modern breweries are trying as much as they can to pair their beers with amazing meals. However, very few of them can match what you get at Stone Brewery, located in Escondido, California.

Here, you will get a wide variety of fresh beers to match your taste. These beers are served with amazing meals cooked using local ingredients. They also provide an open-air patio for those who want to spend time outside.

Pelican Pub and Brewery

Pelican Pub and Brewery, found in Oregon, is one of the very few ocean-facing breweries constructed in the USA. Here, you will not only enjoy some of the best beers in the country but also amazing sunset views.

In addition to their amazing beers and ocean views, they also offer different meals to match each of their beers. The brewery has been operational for many years and has perfected the art of brewing beers to match customers’ demands.

Dogfish Head

Dogfish Head is one of the oldest breweries in the USA. If you are looking for beers with a variety of characters, then Dogfish Head is the brewery for you. Here, you get different beers and choose one that matches your taste.

You get to enjoy a variety of free beer samples with some cornhole and bocce. This is one of the few breweries that have beer-infused meals.

Starting Your Own Brewery: 4 Tips

Start With a Plan

You will need a plan even when building a drink bar, leave alone a brewery. The first step when starting your brewery is creating a business plan to guide you through the entire process.

This is important to help you navigate the different stages, especially when it comes to regulatory approval, brewery construction, beer production, equipment delivery, and talent acquisition, among others.

Automate Your Processes

Many processes take place from the time you source your raw materials to the time you serve your customers. Each of these processes is very important and can make or break your brewery business.

If you look at entrepreneurs who have built successful brewery businesses, you will find that they use specialist software such as www.getollie.com to manage all their processes in a single system. This streamlines operations and helps them produce high-quality beers.

Build and Grow Your Brand

The first thing to do when building your brand is to come up with a smart brewery business name that makes your brewery stand out from others.

You will also need to design a logo for your brewery business. Your logo should stand out and be easy to identify as a brewery logo. In addition, ensure that you have chosen the right color schemes and advertised the brewery on different social and online media platforms.

Check All Legal Requirements

Finally, brewery businesses are some of the few businesses that have strict legal requirements. However, this might depend on the state you are starting your brewery in.

The most important thing is to make sure that you have fulfilled all requirements before and during your operations.

The craft beer industry has been growing in the last couple of years. It is expected to double by 2028, meaning that it is a profitable industry for entrepreneurs.

However, it is good to visit some of the interesting and unusual breweries constructed around the USA before starting your own. You also need to understand what is required of you for your brewery to be successful.

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