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Technology trends in the construction industry

It is without doubt that there is almost totally nothing that will not be solved by use of technology. Below are some of the trends to use in construction and which will create a completely different ways companies will manage activities for better service delivery.

  1. Wearable technology

The safety of all workers on the construction site is the priority of most companies, and all thanks to technology for inventing safety wearable that also come with comfort. Sport-R will identify and spot the number of workers and their locations, this reduces work load, managers work from their comfort with Sport-R.

  1. Robotics
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Artificial intelligence is making machines perceive their environment and make logical decisions to achieve their goals. This is effectively and efficiently used in construction for fast series and difficult tasks.

Use of robots reduce lead time to almost half and increase output.Robots used in construction like the 3D printing build large buildings on demand, brick laying robots do masonry and not forgetting demolition robots. These dramatically increase quality and speed of the construction process.

  1. Self-healing concrete

This type of concrete can ensure durability of the buildings. The self-healing concrete avoids degradation. Concrete can be attacked and corroded by cracks that appear and reach the reinforcement.Cracks can be checked and healed as the costs involved in maintenance and repair are usually high.

  1. Cloud and mobile technology

This technology as an example of eSUB provides the right information to the right people and at the right time and facilitates the goals of the construction project as Information stored in the cloud is easy to retrieve and from anywhere and thus connects all the data from the original scheduled to daily plan.

Device tools such as smartphones and tablets make information easy to access as long as the holder has access to them. to the team regardless of location. This makes it easy to make a point of work decision on what they should do and how they should do it.

  1. Advanced GPS

This is a time saver. There is no need for the construction crew to survey the site manually, they can do it using GPS as it also helps drivers to deliver materials at the exact location as it gives accurate directions. Machinery with GPS can also be managed and tracked.

  1. Building Information modelling

Building Information Modeling is  gives architecture, engineering, and construction  professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure as it is a 3D mode based system.It allows the extraction of different views from a model for the production of drawing among other things.



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