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Top tips to increase speed of communication in your construction site

A construction project is comprised of several interlinked sections with players that have to communicate and cooperate in a seamless manner. Improving communication at the construction site is very important for the timely completion of the project. This is very important if the project is to be finished within time and on budget.

Although in many cases it is always hard to avoid delays, a contractor should always adopt mechanisms to help reduce the setbacks and prevent the budget from spilling over. This is because these delays and setbacks always culminate into endless legal disputes and costly claims.

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Quick and timely communication is one of the key pre-requisites to a project with full visibility where all players follow one voice. Timely communication means increasing the speed by which information moves from one point to another. Crafting the right message and getting the right channel to pass the message are equally two important aspects of enhancing timely communication at construction sites.

In the current digital world, several aspects of construction can be accessed with a tap of a button. There are several apps and software that can help you to get the entire project under your fingertips. Construction companies are using various software to bridge the gap between the boardroom and the construction site.

With millions of software available on the market, the next hurdle becomes selecting the right one for the right project. This means then software has to be industry-specific and primarily designed for the construction industry. The regular communications channels like email, messenger, WhatsApp, and Excel may not efficiently address communication in the communication industry as they don’t offer updates between various stages of the project.

Inter-stage updates are very important as they enable the project manager to quickly make decisions. They offer a clear overview of everything happening on site.

Improving the pace of communication between the office and the site

Below are three steps a project manager or director can adopt to avoid drawing in a sea of disconnected information.

Use industry-specific digital tools

It is important to use digital communication tools that are specific to the construction industry. You may have a great team on the ground but unless they are using the right tools, including for communication, your project may lag behind.

In addition, it is important to consider digital tools that allow the sharable on-site live views to help keep track of the project and the team’s progress. An industry-specific communication tool will enable you to gain full visibility of your project in real-time. It will also allow all stakeholders involved in the project to collaborate effectively. This way, decisions are made faster and the project moves with minimal interruption.

Rely on a single data source

To improve your communication and reduce administrative workload, it is important to rely on a single verified source of information. This also helps to avoid being engulfed in a sea of disinformation.

Having a central source of information makes it easy to trace the project progress instills confidence in those involved knowing that no piece of information is missing or is being overlooked.

As a project manager, having a source of information may help you raise the quality of your managerial skills. With a central source of data, all checks are easily attached to the original plan.

Standardize operations to reduce admin burden

Standardization is one of the latest trends in the construction industry and mainly takes different forms depending on the sector. The admin can add more predictability to their production and gain full control of the various section of the project by standardizing.

Implementing standardization and task repeatability at the construction site offers a project manager a unique opportunity to improve their onsite communication. Using repetitive and industry-specific tools can help achieve seamless communication and connect all stakeholders involved in the project.

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