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What are industrial platforms in Africa?

The rise of global value chains as a driving force in industrial output has altered how we see organisations and analyse industry and trade data. Manufacturing continues to be an important component of growth in Africa based on this piece has a wonderful opportunity to industrialise. Recognizing the African industry for platforms in greater depth is becoming extremely important.

Let’s read out what are industrial platforms in Africa and how they will help succeed in production efficiency in the continent.

How has African industrialization evolved?

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The approach by which an economy shifts its resources and employees from broadly subsistence agriculture sectors with higher levels of production in technical advancement is referred to as industrialization.

We can also say that Industrial platforms are elevated platforms that employees utilise to execute activities and perform more effectively within their environment. This leads to increased mass production of products and services, the development of gainful employment, and more excellent standards of living. We can also say that this structural change has typically been led by industry.

Africa due to much lower income is moving toward industrial platforms and trying to prove a development miracle in the continent.

Industrial platforms in Africa

Here are some best industrial platforms in Africa by arise IIP. Check out!

1.    TOGO industrial platform

TOGO country is among the newest and fastest expanding in the world, which attracts foreign investment.

The integrated ecosystem by Plateforme Industrielle d’Adétikope (PIA) which spans 400 hectares, provides a variety of fiscal benefits and sophisticated infrastructures that allow the competitive manufacture of indigenous agricultural goods such as cotton, cashew, and soybeans.

Other sectors that are housed at TOGO industrial platforms include agri-processing, pharmaceutical, recycling, and electric automobiles. The industrial zone guarantees that raw materials are processed in Togo, generating significant additional value before export and creating jobs.

2.    Gabon industrial platform

Petroleum, mining, wood, and other industries are important in Gabon. It is also Africa’s fifth-largest oil producer and has had the most rapid economic expansion in recent decades.

Gabon Special Economic Zone (GSEZ) was established in 2010 as a strategic partnership between the Republic of Gabon, and Africa Finance Corporation with the mission of developing infrastructure, increasing productive capacities and creating a business-friendly environment in Gabon. By focusing on skill sets, one-stop solutions, and connection with the national development goal, GSEZ has helped the country to grow and upgrade a formerly unpromising wood industry.

By establishing bespoke special economic zones in Gabon, Arise IIP hopes to boost exports, facilitate local production of raw materials, and increase commerce.

Arise IIP specialises in developing value chains for the textile sector, from raw material procurement through resource processing to production and final product export.

The goal is to maximise the continent’s industrial capabilities while reducing carbon emissions and climatic influence. The SEZ provides a distinct fiscal status that provides a secure and competitive economic environment for enterprises looking to relocate.

3.    Benin industrial platforms

Arise IIP and the Beninese government have formed a public-private partnership to construct, fund, and run the Glo-Djigbé Industrial Zone (GDIZ).

It creates ecosystems that will allow Africa to flourish. It discovers possibilities in industrial and commercial production networks throughout the continent and designs, finances, builds and operates the infrastructure required for company growth and future realisation.

Benin is rich in natural sources like cotton pineapples and cashew nuts but these are not yet viable since they are exported unprocessed. Arise’s creation of an industrial platform will allow it to prioritise these three businesses in order to convert them on-site and there by producing value regionally.

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