20 Benin firms connected to Ossiomo power Plant

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Over 20 Benin City-based companies have been connected to the 95MW Ossiomo Power Plant. This was accomplished by a Memorandum of Understanding between the Ossiomo Power Company and the Edo State Government.

Since the power plant started operating, Edo State has continued to see an increase in the number of private enterprises. Many choosing to take advantage of the electricity advantage to grow their operations and increase production.

Ologbo in Ikpoba Okha Local Government Area, home to the 95MW Ossiomo Power Plant, supplies energy to the Benin Enterprise Park. Additionally, it provides energy for the state’s street lighting project in addition to hospitals, the secretariat building, and Government House.

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Remarks on the Ossiomo Power Plant project as over 20 Benin firms are connected

According to Dr. Uwa Igiehon, managing director of Ossiomo Power Company, private enterprises benefit from reliable off-grid power supplies. That ensure the operation of their equipment and companies.

He said, “Over 20 power providers have joined us in the last few months as more people have come to see us as the most dependable option to consistent electricity. Additionally, we are supplying companies in the surrounding villages and along the Benin-Sapele road with reliable power. These companies include factories, lodging facilities, and industrial clusters, among others.”

“Furthermore, as we increase our capacity for distribution, we would like to add additional companies to our network. This proves that, indeed, if we are committed, we can overcome Nigeria’s obstacles. As we have proven that we have the capacity to provide dependable power for use by both public and private enterprises that support the development of the economy,” he continued.

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