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41MW Solar power plant to be constructed in Mozambique

A 41MW solar power plant is set to be established in Morocco. This is after Efacec was selected for the engineering, procurement and construction (EPC), and operations and maintenance (O&M) of the project.

The power plant will be located in Metoro, north of Mozambique and will sit on a 138 hectares of land. The project is being developed and managed by Neoen, a renewable IPP, and is jointly owned by Neoen and EDM through the company Central Solar Metoro.

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Terms for the solar project

The agreement includes the supply of full EPC, including the interconnection in high voltage to EDM’s substation and associated guarantees for the performance of solar power plant, as well as a long term contract for the O&M of the plant. The generated energy will be sold through a power purchase agreement contracted with EDM.

Upon completion, the solar plant will have the the highest installed capacity in Mozambique to date, according to the EPC. It will have a production capacity of 68GWh per year and expected to begin operations by end of 2020.

The project is set to contribute to the achievement of Mozambique goals for the diversification of the energy mix targets and decentralization of the energy generation, with the aim to give access to energy to 100% of the population by 2030.

Renewable potential

Mozambique has a total renewable potential of 23,000 GW. Solar potential is the most abundant resource at 23,000 GW, followed by hydro (19 GW), wind (5 GW), biomass (2 GW), and geothermal (0.1 GW).

Of this total resource, approximately 7.5 GW of priority projects have been identified in the Atlas, comprising 5.6 GW of hydro, 1.1 GW of Wind, 0.6 GW of solar, 0.13 GW of biomass, and 20 MW of geothermal. The Government’s renewable strategy also includes targets for the installation of 100,000 solar water heaters and 5,000 solar refrigerators up to 2025


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